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7 How Do I Obtain a Copy of This Manual?

To obtain a copy of this manual via FTP use the following commands.

yourprmt%       ftp       [login as anonymous with your name as password] 

ftp>            cd kpno/manuals    [move to correct directory] 
ftp>            ls -l              [check to see if the manual is there] 
ftp>            binary             [set transfer for binary mode] 
ftp>            get      [transfers the file] 
ftp>            quit               [exit from the ftp application]

Then back on your machine, you must uncompress the manual and print it out on a PostScript laserwriter. The UNIX commands below are appropriate for that operating system.

yourprmt%       uncompress    [uncompresses file]
yourprmt%       lpr -Plw      [substitute your laserwriter for lw]


yourprmt% zcat | lpr -Plw
Wed Aug 2 13:05:25 MST 1995