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5.1 Bringing Up the Telescope Control System (TCS) Computer

TCS now uses a SUN terminal and X-windows based program for control of the telescope and guider. TCS resides on the computer "teal" and can be brought up from the "teal login:" prompt by logging in as guest with the proper password. X-windows can be started at the "teal guest-1>" prompt by typing openwin. This should bring up the full array of xtcs windows on the left side of the screen. Open the comparison window by double clicking with the left mouse button. Initially the neutral density filter wheel needs indexing. Do this from the comparison window by going to the set menu box. Then hold the left button, scroll down to index nd wheel and release. To adjust the comparison source brightness, go to the source intensity area, hold the middle mouse button and slide the cursor left/right to set the intensity. Zero intensity is full attenuation on the wheel. Full brightness is 100. To see the overall comparison source status, double click on the lower left status box. The status will appear in the lower part of the xtcs window.
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