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The current FLAMINGOS Manuals can be found at the following links. These include the User's Manuals for the 2.1-m and 4-m telescopes, use of the offset guider at the 2.1-m telescope (where the observer must also operate the telescope), and documentation on designing and preparing MOS plates. NOTE: Multi-object spectroscopy is supported at the 4-m telescope only.

The Cooldown Manual is a technical reference for KPNO personnel cooling down the Camera Dewar after maintenance or a significant hiatus in observing. The Shutdown Manual is a guide to shutting down FLAMINGOS after an observing block or in the event of a power emergency. The MOS Dewar Warmup Manual outlines the procedures for the OAs to warm up the MOS Dewar if a mask change is needed during a MOS run.

Other FLAMINGOS reference documentation can be found at the FLAMINGOS web site http://flamingos.astro.ufl.edu/Manuals, although much of this is out of date.


23 April 2013