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6.2 Logging In, Initializing ICE, and Logging Out

The SPARC station currently running ICE at the 4-m is named khaki. The login name is "4meter" and the current password can be obtained from the instrument assistant or observing technician and is posted on the front of the terminal. After logging in, the windows system will be automatically started and IRAF loaded. CCD data acquisition commands should only be issued from the left (red) window. Khaki has two terminal screens side-by-side which automatically configured to act as one large screen. The display (ximtool) window appears in the right screen leaving the left screen clear for issuing CCD commands and analysing data.

It is good practice to initialize ICE to its default values and delete all existing files at the begining of an observing run. First log out of IRAF in all windows and then type obsinit in any window with the Unix prompt (%). Answer the questions as they appear and then log out of the workstation completely (see below) in order for the changes to take effect.

Exiting the workstation is done by first logging out of all IRAF windows. Now move the mouse to a blank area of the screen, holding down the right mouse button and select "exit" or "exit windows".
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