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7.6 Feed Telescope Shutdown Procedure

  1. Turn down TV high voltage control pot and switch TV, monitors, guider interface, and guider off.

  2. In the TC window, click on the ``open/stow'' button, then click again on the ``stow'' button in the window that pops up.
  3. After the telescope returns to stow position (red limit lights on), push SYSTEM POWER OFF button on coudé feed slit head control panel.

  4. Up on the roof, stow the shed over the mirror by pushing the CLOSE button on the panel at the south edge of the roof. Close the garage door and replace the mirror cover, using care not to damage the mirror surface while keeping the orientation of the cover with the arrow up. Close the tunnel hatch cover. Note! Observers are currently not allowed on the roof. The 2.1m telescope operator should be notified to close the shed and tunnel .

  5. Replace all covers over optics in spectrograph room, at slit-head, TV and number 3 mirror.

  6. If desired, log out of the telescope terminal by holding down the right mouse button in a clear part of the screen, drag the mouse arrow down to the ``exit'' line and release. Click on the appropriate message in the ``confirm'' window that pops up.