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7.5 Typical Observing Procedure

  1. Move the mouse pointer to the list of star caches in the box at the upper left corner of the SC window. Click twice on the name of the cache you want to list. The contents of the cache will appear in the display area.

  2. Click the mouse on the desired star, click on ``send next'' to send the coordinates to the TC window. A double click on the star entry will send the coordinates directly to the TC window.

  3. After making sure the ``next'' box is the active one, click on the ``go there'' button in the TC window.

  4. When slew is complete, center the star on the slit and click on the ``guider'' button to turn the guider on.

  5. Start the CCD integration.

For subsequent objects, step 2 can be done while the current integration is in progress, and step 3 as soon as readout commences.