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7.3 Finding Stars

Setting the coudé feed telescope is accomplished usually through the the utilities provided in the Star Cache (SC) window. While coordinates could be entered one at a time using the ``edit next'' button or the command line emulator (target), it is most efficient to use the various star caches and utilities provided for them. Caches exist for Almanac Bright Stars, the Yale Bright Star Catalogue, and SAO stars among others, as well as any the user may have in the archive or creates. A nearby bright star may also be searched for near the current telescope position for pointing checks. Your instrument assistant can demonstrate most aspects of this system in about 5 minutes, and detailed instructions are given in the Telescope Manual.

It is good practice to initially set on an Almanac star within about one-half hour of the meridian and near the celestial equator to check the telescope pointing. If necessary, the ``Z'' button can be used to reset the coordinate system.