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6.2 Parameter Sets

All IRAF tasks are controlled by parameter sets edited by typing
epar taskname
For example, to edit the task wfits, type
epar wfits

and use the up and down arrows to position the cursor at different parameters. Merely type the desired parameter in followed by the return key to store the new value. Use Ctrl-Z or Ctrl-D (depending on the setup with obsinit ) to save the new parameter set.

There are three parameter sets that control or modify the data taking process and should be modified to suit the observing needs. These parameter sets may be edited by just typing the name of the parameter set, unlike the discussion above.

Controls the CCD readout parameters such as format, binning, and gain.
Specifies image naming and other diverse header information.
Most parameters supplied automatically by TCP/CCD link. If the TCP computer is down, set telname to ``test''; otherwise it should be ``kpcfd''.

There is one other parameter set, instrpars , which is currently not actively linked to the spectrograph; some of the parameters may be useful for later reductions.