2.1m Imaging Information

This CCD system is used primarily for applications where good image sampling (0.3 arcsec/pixel) and deep imaging are crucial but a very large field size is not. The CCD camera is mounted at the f/8 Cassegrain focus of the 2.1-m. The size of the unvignetted field is currently 10.4 x 10.4 arcmin with the Tektronix T2KA 2048 x 2048 pixel CCD. Guiding is accomplished using a TV on a movable xy stage. The field size is similar to that of the MiniMo camera on WIYN, but the median seeing is not as good; marginally sub-arcsecond images are not uncommon, but certainly cannot be counted upon. On the other hand, there is considerably more time available at the 2.1-m than at WIYN.