The KPNO "Alumni" Reunion - Nov.15-16, 2009

On Sunday and Monday, November 15+16, 2009, Kitt Peak National Observatory sponsored a "Reunion" of it "alumni, including many retirees and former employees. These are a few photos taken at the event to show the attendees re-establishing acquantences and visiting the mountain. In some cases they got to visit telescopes that did not exist when they were last on Kitt Peak. (Photos by P. Marenfeld, E. Acosta, and J. Glaspey of NOAO.)

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Mark Giampapa, NSO Deputy Director, and Buell Jannuzi, KPNO Director (6806b)

Aden Meinel and Buell Jannuzi (6801b)

Liz Alvarez and MArk and Bettye Hanna (4153b)

Ed Avery, Jack Harvey and Kurt Cramer (4092b)

Carol Bauer, Richard Wolff, Evelyn Russell, Agnes Paulson, and Larry Randall (4194b)

Gary and Mrs. Chapman and John Glaspey (4177b)

Kurt Cramer and Ed Avery (4141b)

Dave Crawford and Harold Thompson (4083b)

Suzie Davidson and Rich Fidele (4201b)

Evelyn Russell and Trudy Livingston (4091b)

Katy Garmany and Steve Jacobs (4240b)

John Glaspey and Steve Jacobs (4219b)

Mark and Bettye Hanna (4114b)

The Hannas and Bill Livingston (4137b)

The Hannas and John Glaspey (4289b)

Tom Ingerson, John Glaspey, Ed Avery, and Kurt Cramer (4119b)

The Jirons (4175b)

Dick and Sandy Joyce, Richard and Sidney Wolff, and Buell Jannuzi (4291b)

Don and Tommy Sue Loomis (4138b)

The Loomises and John Glaspey (4094b)

Don Loomis, Roger Lynds, and Steve Maran (4149b)


Roger Lynds, Steve Maran, and Katy Garmany (4158b)

Roger Lynds, Steve Maran, and Don Loomis (4139b)

Steve Maran and The Stuarts (4088b)

Steve Maran, Dave and Mary Crawford, Larry Randall (4241b)

Steve Maran, Larry Randall, Jorge Simmons, Carol Bauer (4290b)

Aden Meinel, Dave Crawford, and Helmut Abt (4209b)

Bob and Carol Milkey (4243b)

Agnes Paulsen and Don Karl with the Cramer (218b)

Larry Randall, Carolyn and Chuck Slaughter, Harold Thompson and Dave Crawford (4111)

Larry Randall and Steve Ridgeway (4144b)

Evelyn Russell and Harold Thompson (4232b)

Bill Schoening and Duane Miller (4157b)

Dale Schrage and Ed Bell (4143b)

Chuck Slaughter and Bill Livingston (4150b)

Chuck Slaughter and Harold Thompson (4134b)

The breakfast (4101b)

Dick Toresdahl and Frank Stuart (4140b)

Maurine Woods and Judith Russell (4203b)

Jorge Simmons, Aden Meinel, Sidney Wolff, and Helmut Abt (6819b)

Jorge Simmons and Don Loomis (6814b)

Judy and Jon Settlemyer, Dale Schrage, and Katy Garmany (6805b)

Vern Russell, Bill Livingston, Harold Thompson, and Don Loomis (6832)

Larry Randall and Roger Lynds (6846b)

Shirley Phipps and family with Dale Schrage (6834b)

Aden Meinel and Agnes Paulson (6843b)

Aden Meinel, Don Loomis, Helmut Abt, and Harold Thompson (6813b)

Aden Meinel and the Chapmans (6804b)

Steve Maran, Roger Lynds, and Skip Andree (6823b)

Steve Maran, Ed Bell, Larry Randall, and Roger Lynds (6829b)

Di and Charles Harmer and Aden Meinel (6815b)

The Settlemyers, the Toresdahls, the Hannas, and Judy Russell (6840b)

The Hannas and Judy Russell (6838b)

The Tables (4084b)

Emily Acosta, Pete Marenfeld, and Mark Hanna (6853b)


Nanette Bird, Buell Jannuzi, and Shirley Phipps (4298b)






4m visit: Paulsen, Meinel, and Loomis (4322)