NOAO 50th Anniversary Symposia


Two symposia will take place in Tucson during the month of March, 2010. From First Light to Newborn Stars happens from March 14-17, followed by The Eventful Universe March 17-20. On March 17th both symposia will meet together for talks by our distinguished invited speakers (Vera Rubin, Nick Suntzeff, Heather Morrison, Charlie Lada, Douglas Rabin and Alan Dressler are all confirmed) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Observatory. Please go to the links above to register for either symposium. If you wish to register for both meetings you need to sign up twice via the respective meeting pages. The "Celebrating 50 Years" day is included in the registration for either symposium. For those interested in attending only the events on March 17th, one-day registration options are available via this link.