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Planetary Nebula Sampler

PG 1520+525

This extremely faint nebula surrounds the hot (140,000K) white dwarf, PG 1520+525, which is marked by faint flanking vertical lines. The nearly circular nebula, like Abell 39 above, is very large (2.5 pc) and old (60,000 years). It is one of the very few nebulae found around a white dwarf star, consistent with the old age of the nebula. The brightened right edge of the nebula suggests that an interaction is taking place between the nebula and the very diffuse interstellar medium of the Galaxy. A bright (V=7.7) star is annoyingly evident in the upper right quadrant.

Shape: nearly circular

Location: surrounds PG 1520+525

RA: 15 21 46.90 DEC: +52 22 05.0

Size: 2.5 pc

Age: 60,000 years

Abundances/Description: It has brightened right edge. Also it is very faint and surrounds a hot white dwarf.

Discoverer: George Jacoby & Greit Van de Steene (1993)