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Planetary Nebula Sampler

A Planetary Nebula in the globular cluster NGC 6441

The top image is an H-alpha image of the planetary nebula JaFu 2 (Jacoby & Fullton 1997) as taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. The lower image shows the same data with the stars subtracted away and the contrast enhanced. The nebula is about 5 arcsec across. It is one of only 4 nebulae known to be associated with one of the 150 globular clusters in our galaxy.

Shape: slightly bipolar

Distance: 9.1 kpc

Location: Constellation Scorpius in the globular cluster NGC 6441

RA: 17 50 12.84 DEC: -37 03 03.9

Size: 4.9 (arc sec) in diameter

Abundances/Description: large amounts of Helium. The Oxygen relative to the Iron is very low.

Discoverer: Jacoby/Fullton (1997)

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