High resolution solar spectrum

[Solar spectrum] High resolution solar spectrum

Downloadable versions (see NOAO Conditions of Use):
200 x 200 10 kb color JPEG(on this page)
400 x 400 32 kb color JPEG
1024 x 1024 184 kb color JPEG
2048 x 2048 512 kb color JPEG
8192 x 8192 3.6 Mb color JPEG
8192 x 8192 65.6 Mb 8-bit color TIFF
8192 x 8192 196.7 Mb 24-bit color TIFF

A high resolution version of the spectrum of our Sun. See the main reference page for details.

Minimum credit line: N.A.Sharp, NOAO/NSO/Kitt Peak FTS/AURA/NSF (for details see Conditions of Use)

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