Spiral Galaxies NGC 5905 & NGC 5908

[NGC 5905 & NGC 5908]

About this image

This image was taken with the KPNO Mayall 4-meter telescope on April 10, 2007. Located in the constellation of Draco, NGC 5905 and NGC 5908 are two spiral galaxies that are relatively near to each other. NGC 5905, in the upper-right corner, is seen face-on; whereas NGC 5908, in the lower left is seen edge-on. NGC 5908 looks remarkably similar to M104, the Sombrero Galaxy. The many bright, reddish stars in the image are stars within our own galaxy. These galaxies were observed with B (blue), V (green) and I (red) filters. North is up, East is to the left.

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Minimum credit line: T.A. Rector/University of Alaska Anchorage, H. Schweiker/WIYN and NOAO/AURA/NSF

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