NSO 2004 REU, RET, and Summer Research Assistantship (SRA) programs

[NSO Summer 2004]

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Participants in the combined 2004 National Solar Observatory Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), Research Experience for Teachers (RET), and Summer Research Assistantship (SRA) programs.

From left: Creighton Wilson (RET, Lovelady High School), Michelle McMillan (REU, Northern Arizona University), Drew Medlin (graduate SRA, New Mexico Tech.), Leah Simon (graduate SRA, Macalester College), Maria Kazachenko (undergraduate SRA, St. Petersburg University, Russia), Michael Sinclair (RET, Kalamazoo Mathematics and Science Center), Brian Robinson (ATST Fellow, University of Alabama-Huntsville), Stuart Robbins (REU, Case Western Reserve University), Brian Harker-Lundberg (graduate SRA, Utah State University), Frances Edelman (REU, Yale University), Statia Luszcz (in front of Frances: REU, Cornell University), Joel Lamb (REU, University of Iowa), Mark Calhoun (RET, Sabino High School), Heidi Gerhardt (in front: Towson University). Missing from the photograph are Matt Dawson (RET, Brockton High School), Cheryl-Annette Kincaid (undergraduate SRA, University of North Texas), Kimberly Moody (undergraduate SRA, University of Arizona), and Anna Malanushenko (undergraduate SRA, St. Petersburg University, Russia).

See the September 2004 NOAO Newsletter (currently only available in PDF format).

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Minimum credit line: NOAO/AURA/NSF

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