NSO 2003 REU, RET, and Summer Research Assistantship (SRA) programs

[NSO Summer 2003]

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Participants in the combined 2003 National Solar Observatory Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), Research Experience for Teachers (RET), and Summer Research Assistantship (SRA) programs.

Back row: Thomas Haxton (REU, University of Chicago), Ludovico Cesario (graduate SRA, Universita La Sapienza-Italy), Francisco Virgili (REU, Michigan State University), K.S. Balasubramaniam (NSO REU/RET Site Director), Mark Janoff (REU, Swarthmore College), Charles Baldner (undergraduate SRA, Maccalester College), Sebastien Deroche (graduate SRA, EESO-France), Jesse Miner (undergraduate SRA, SUNY-Stony Brook), Matt Dawson (RET, Brockton High School), Linda Stefaniak (RET, Allentown High School). Front row: Sarah Jaeggli (REU, University of Arizona), Anna Malanushenko (undergraduate SRA, St. Petersburg University-Russia), Cheryl-Annette Kincaid (undergraduate SRA, University of North Texas), Victoria Astley (REU, Florida Institute of Technology), Laura Allaire (graduate SRA, University of Rochester). Unable to make the photograph: Steven Olmschenk (REU, University of Chicago), Travis Stagg (RET, West Valley High School-Fairbanks).

See the September 2003 NOAO Newsletter (currently only available in PDF format).

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Minimum credit line: NSO/AURA/NSF

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