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Left: Limb darkening subtracted full-disk ISOON hydrogen image on 19 December 2002. Right: Region of large-scale disturbance, across multiple active regions. PFB: Preflare brightening; arrows point to direction of propagating disturbances A, B, C & D, with speeds of 800 km/s, as evidenced by sequentially brightened network points, in a time sequence. These disturbances move the filaments at locations FA, FB and FC, partially erupting the filament at FC. Sympathetic flares are seen in the southern hemisphere at SF1 and SF2. SoHO/MDI magnetograms show that the brightened network points are all of same polarity. The coronal manifestations of this large-scale event include transequatorial loops, and coronal dimming, as observed by SoHO/EIT. These and similar events recorded by ISOON show that such large scale coronal eruptive events trigger near-simultaneous surface activity separated by distances on the same scale as coronal structures involved in the eruption.

See the September 2003 NOAO Newsletter (currently only available in PDF format).

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