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Four types of synoptic map of solar properties

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Four types of spatially resolved synoptic maps of solar properties inferred from GONG+ data obtained in April 2002. From the top, the first frame shows the horizontal velocity field at a depth of 2 megameters, superimposed on a grayscale image of the surface magnetic field. The bottom three frames show grayscale images of shifts in the oscillation frequency, line width, and amplitude with the surface magnetic field superimposed as contours. These images show that the surface active regions produce several effects: they block flows, increase the oscillation frequencies, increase the line widths, and decrease the amplitudes. These effects suggest that the surface magnetic field substantially alters the physical conditions of the region immediately below the photosphere where the oscillations are reflected back down into the interior.

The Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG) studies the oscillations of the Sun.

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