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On October 1, 2019 NOAO joined with Gemini Observatory and Rubin Observatory operations to create a new organization, NSF’s NOIRLab. The content of this site is being migrated to our new domain: The public site has been launched and is the main web portal for the public and media. Many links on this site may redirect you to the new site. For now, scientists and astronomers can still find information about Kitt Peak, CTIO, and CSDC on the old site ( October 28, 2020

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About the NOAO Image Gallery

Welcome to the NOAO Image Gallery. The gallery includes pictures taken with the facilities of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, and also pictures of our telescopes, instruments and history.

  • Items are being added continually, both from older images which must be digitized, and from new observations. If you are interested in something specific which you cannot find here, even after searching for it, please ask us. Also, some images have only rudimentary descriptions: if you need more detail, please ask us.
  • Items in the Gemini and WIYN subcategories are not necessarily in the main category.
  • We are the national facility for ground-based optical astronomy. We do not have space-based images, for which you should consider the Space Telescope Science Institute or the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and cross-references therefrom. Neither do we carry pictures at other than optical and infrared wavelengths, such as radio (see, for example, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory), ultraviolet (try Galex), or X-ray or gamma-ray (see NASA's High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center). For meteor showers and other fireball or transient atmospheric events, start at the American Meteor Society, which maintains a good set of images and links.
  • The astronomical images presented on these pages are provided through the facilities of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, unless otherwise noted. If you plan to use any of these images for other than your personal enjoyment please read our copyright statement.

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