A Library of Integrated Spectra of
Galactic Globular Clusters

For each cluster the final flux-calibrated spectrum is presented in a single FITS file.  Another FITS file, in multi-spectrum format, contains the following information:  The first band contains the variance-weighted CR-cleaned, sky-subtracted, spectrum. The second band contains the unweighted, uncleaned, sky-subtracted spectrum. The third and fourth bands contain the extracted sky and the S/N ratio spectra, respectively.  The S/N was obtained using the spectrum from the  first band and the variance. The latter was calculated with the detector read-noise and gain factored in, as well as the contribution from sky subtraction. The variance spectrum can be recovered by taking the ratio between bands 1 and 4. Further details on the file formats and naming conventions can be found in the README file.


♦ A table listing the sample clusters and their fundamental parameters can be downloaded here
♦ A journal of the observations can be downloaded here
♦ The full spectral library can be downloaded  here.
♦ If you want to browse the library, click here.