Airlines and Airport Limo/Taxis

  America West                    (800)235-9292
  American Airlines               (800)433-7300
  Continental                     (800)523-3273
  Delta                           (800)221-1212
  Northwest                       (800)225-2525
  Reno Airlines                   (800)736-6247
  Southwest  Airlines             (800)435-9792
  United                          (800)241-6522

It is about a 20-30 minute ride from the Tucson International Airport to the NOAO-Tucson headquarters near the University of Arizona campus. Look for transportation near the baggage claim area. Expect to pay around $15 one way for a taxicab and about $11 one way for the Arizona Stagecoach. The Arizona Stagecoach requires 24-hours-in-advance reservations for pickups in the Tucson area going to the airport.

Airport Limo/Taxis:
  Allstate  Cab                      (520)798-1111
  Arizona  Stagecoach                (520)889-1000
  Yellow  Cab                        (520)624-6611

The Arizona Shuttle, (520)795-6771, goes directly to/from the Phoenix airport from 3 pickup/dropoff points in Tucson (not including the Tucson airport).

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Last updated: 26Feb1999