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NOAO Approved Programs for 2002B

Approved NOAO Survey Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Elston, Richard University of Florida 2001B-0029 KPNO 2.1m 17

The Evolution of Galaxy Clustering at 1<z<2

Grindlay, Jonathan Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2000B-0036 KPNO 4m 2

ChaMPlane: Measuring the Faint X-ray Binary and Stellar X-ray Content of the Galaxy

Henry, Todd Johns Hopkins University 1999B-0011 CTIO 1.5m 12

In Search of Nearby Stars: A Parallax Program atCTIO

Lada, Elizabeth University of Florida 2000B-0028 KPNO 2.1m 14

Toward a Complete Near-Infrared Spectroscopic and Imaging Survey of Giant Molecular Clouds KPNO 4m 14

Mallen-Ornelas, Gabriela Princeton University 2002B-0014 KPNO 4m 18

The EXPLORE Project: A Deep Search for TransitingExtrasolar Planets

Massey, Philip National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2000B-0010 KPNO 4m 5

The Resolved Stellar Content of Local Group Galaxies Currently Forming Stars

Meurer, Gerhardt Johns Hopkins University 2000B-0032 CTIO 1.5m 8

Star Formation in H i Selected Galaxies

Millis, Robert Lowell Observatory 2001B-0026 CTIO 4m 4

Deep Ecliptic Survey KPNO 4m 6

Smith, J. Allyn University of Michigan 2000B-0025 CTIO 0.9m 7

Southern Standard Stars for the u'g'r'i'z' System

Stubbs, Christopher University of Washington 2001B-0037 CTIO 4m 15

A Next Generation Microlensing Survey of the LMC

Suntzeff, Nicholas National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0007 CTIO 1.5m 12

The w Project: Measuring the Equation of State of the Universe CTIO 4m 15


Tyson, J. Anthony Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies 1999B-0018 CTIO 4m 4

Deep Lens Survey KPNO 4m 10.5

Approved HST Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Fruchter, Andrew Space Telescope Science Institute 2002B-0420 CTIO 4m-TOO  

The Origin of Gamma-Ray Bursts

Nugent, Peter University of California, Berkeley 2002B-0422 CTIO YALO 3

UV Observations of Hubble Flow Type Ia Supernovae

Approved SIRTF Legacy Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Evans, Neal University of Texas, Austin 2001A-0404 KPNO 4m 3

From Molecular Cores to Planets

Lonsdale, Carol California Institute of Technology 2001A-0402 CTIO 4m 4

The SIRTF Wide-area InfraRed Extragalactic Survey

Approved Long Term Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Eracleous, Michael Pennsylvania State University 2000A-0324 CTIO 1.5m 4

Long-Term Monitoring of Dynamical Motions in the Accretion Disks of AGNs KPNO 2.1m 3

Huchra, John Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2000A-0125 CTIO 1.5m 7

The 2MASS Redshift Survey

Kannappan, Sheila University of Texas, Austin 2002B-0372 KPNO WIYN 1

Kinematic Tully-Fisher Offsets at z=0 and Beyond

Swaters, Rob Johns Hopkins University 2002B-0390 KPNO WIYN 5

The Distribution of Mass in Spiral Galaxies.

Zacharias, Norbert U.S. Naval Observatory 2001A-0058 KPNO 0.9m 8

Extragalactic reference frame link of the UCAC project

Approved Regular Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Ambrose, Elisabeth University of Texas, Austin 2002B-0187 KPNO 2.1m 12

Pseudobulges in Disk Galaxies

Aoki, Kentaro Subaru Telescope 2002B-0393 KPNO 2.1m 4

The Black Hole Mass - Bulge Luminosity Relation of Narrow-line Seyfert 1 Galaxies

Appleton, Philip California Institute of Technology 2002B-0366 KPNO WIYN 2

A Redshift Survey of Radio-selected Galaxies in the SIRTF First Look Survey

Armandroff, Taft National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0146 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.38

The Extended Star Formation Histories of M81 Group Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies

Bally, John University of Colorado 2002B-0377 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1

Massive Star Formation in Orion: Direct Accretion or Cannibalism?

Bary, Jeffrey Vanderbilt University 2002B-0227 GEM-S GEM-SQ 3

Constraining Planet Formation Timescales: Spectroscopic Survey of Classical and Weak-lined T Tauri Stars

Batuski, David University of Maine 2002B-0360 CTIO 1.5m 3

Photometric Imaging of Abell Clusters in the Aquarius Supercluster `Knot'

Beers, Timothy Michigan State University 2002B-0246 KPNO 4m 5

A``Quick Survey'' for Halo Giants with [Fe/H] < -2.5

Bergmann, Marcel University of Texas, Austin 2002B-0391 GEM-N GEM-NQ 3.13 (2 DD)

Elliptical Galaxy Halo Dynamics & Stellar Populations

Bjorkman, Karen University of Toledo 2002B-0310 CTIO 0.9m 5

Search for Circumstellar Disks in LMC/SMC Clusters CTIO 1.5m 10

Bond, Howard Space Telescope Science Institute 2002B-0046 KPNO WIYN 8

Searching for Spectroscopic Binaries in Planetary Nebulae

Burgasser, Adam University of California, Los Angeles 2002B-0101 CTIO 4m 5

Spectroscopic Identification of New 2MASS T Dwarfs in the Southern Hemisphere

Chaname, Julio Ohio State University 2002B-0398 CTIO 0.9m 6

Homogeneous Photometry of Galactic Post-AGB Stars

Chandar, Rupali Space Telescope Science Institute 2002B-0088 KPNO WIYN 3

The Formation and Evolution of M33 From Star Cluster Properties

Cole, Andrew University of Massachusetts at Amherst 2002B-0249 KPNO 4m 3

Chemical Evolution of the Outer Disk and Halo of M33: Subtracting the Milky Way Foreground

Crotts, Arlin Columbia University 2002B-0268 CTIO 4m 2.5

Evolution of SN 1987A into a Supernova Remnant

Crotts, Arlin Columbia University 2002B-0269 KPNO 4m 5

The MEGA Survey: Mapping Microlensing in M31

Cruz, Kelle University of Pennsylvania 2002B-0195 CTIO 4m 4

Understanding Near-Infrared Spectra of L Dwarfs

De Buizer, James CTIO 2002B-0285 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.5

Mid-Infrared Imaging of the G29.96-0.02 Hot Core

Dell'Antonio, Ian Brown University 2002B-0339 KPNO 2.1m 7

Distant Compact Clusters of Galaxies from the BMW Survey

Demers, Serge University of Montreal 2002B-0072 CTIO 4m 3

The kinematics of the intermediate-age halo of Local Group galaxy NGC 6822

Dickinson, Mark Space Telescope Science Institute 2002B-0258 CTIO 4m 6

U- and I-band imaging of the CDF-S in support of the GOODS SIRTF Legacy and HST Treasury programs

Dietrich, Matthias University of Florida 2002B-0117 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1

Star Formation History and Quasars at z >~ 5

Dolphin, Andrew National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0305 KPNO WIYN 3

Dwarf Galaxy Histories: Breaking the Age-Metallicity Degeneracy

Dundon, Luke U.S. Naval Academy 2002B-0335 KPNO 2.1m 2.5

Studying the Physical Properties of a Sample of Near-Earth Objects

Durrell, Patrick Pennsylvania State University 2002B-0201 KPNO WIYN 3

The Velocity Dispersion of the M33 Disk

Faundez-Abans, Max Laboratorio Nacional de Astrofisica 2002B-0112 CTIO 1.5m 4

Kinematics of Polar Ring Galaxies

Feldmeier, John Case Western Reserve University 2002B-0208 KPNO 2.1m 7

Observing the formation of cD envelopes and intracluster light

Feldmeier, John Case Western Reserve University 2002B-0239 CTIO 4m 3

Searching for Intracluster Planetary Nebulae in the Dorado group

Forrest, William University of Rochester 2002B-0299 MMT MMT 2

Mid-infrared Observations of Protostellar and Protoplanetary Disks in Taurus

Gadotti, Dimitri Universidade de Sao Paolo 2002B-0092 CTIO 0.9m 1

Formation and evolution of bars in S0 galaxies

Garnavich, Peter University of Notre Dame 2002B-0197 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.5

SN Ia: The Collision of Theory and Observation

Geisler, Douglas Universidad de Concepcion 2002B-0241 CTIO 0.9m 7

Photometric Followup of Space Interferometry Mission Grid Giant Star Candidates

Gelino, Dawn University of California, San Diego 2002B-0297 KPNO 2.1m 3

Measuring the Mass of the Black Hole in J1118+480

Gilbank, David University of Durham 2002B-0155 CTIO 4m 2

The Galaxy Populations in Supercluster Environments at z~1

Gizis, John University of Delaware 2002B-0230 CTIO 1.5m 4

New Nearby M Dwarfs from 2MASS and ROSAT

Gizis, John University of Delaware 2002B-0363 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1

Phoenix High Resolution Observations of Ultracool Dwarfs

Gomez, Percy Carnegie Mellon University 2002B-0135 CTIO 4m 3

Photometric Redshifts of Sunyaev-Zeldovich Clusters

Gordon, Karl University of Arizona 2002B-0348 CTIO 4m 3

Spectral Classification of Reddened Hot Stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud

Graham, James University of California, Berkeley 2002B-0327 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.6

Near-IR Imaging of Super Star Clusters in the Antennae

Gray, Richard Appalachian State University 2002B-0049 CTIO 1.5m 6

Spectroscopy of Nearby Stars earlier than M0 south of -30^ Dec

Grouchy, Rebecca University of Alabama 2002B-0083 CTIO 1.5m 5

Properties of Nonbarred Ringed Galaxies

Hall, Patrick Princeton University 2002B-0292 KPNO 4m 4

Infrared Confirmation of z>5.5 Quasar Candidates

Halpern, Jules Columbia University 2002B-0061 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.5

Search for Small-Scale Structure in Gamma-ray Burst Afterglows

Hansen, Brad University of California, Los Angeles 2002B-0099 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.32

The White Dwarf Cooling Age and Initial-Final Mass Relationship - Constraints from Open Star Clusters.

Hardy, Eduardo National Radio Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0107 CTIO 4m 3

The LMC Chemical Enrichment History and Its Gradients Via CaII-Triplet Spectroscopy

Harrison, Thomas New Mexico State University 2002B-0068 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.12

NIRI Spectra of EF Eri: An Object that Transitions from an L-dwarf, to a T-dwarf, and Back Again

Harrison, Thomas New Mexico State University 2002B-0076 KPNO 2.1m 3

The Unusual Infrared Light Curves of Cataclysmic Variables with Brown Dwarf Secondaries

Hartigan, Patrick Rice University 2002B-0050 KPNO 4m 4.5

Dust in Stellar Jets

Hartigan, Patrick Rice University 2002B-0172 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.6

The Anatomy of Magnetic Precursors and C-Shocks

Hebb, Leslie Johns Hopkins University 2002B-0165 KPNO 4m 9

Eclipsing M Dwarfs and the Low Mass Stellar M/L Ratio

Henry, Todd Georgia State University 2002B-0109 CTIO 0.9m 18

Perturbations in CTIOPI and Preparations for CTIOPI2

Hoard, Donald University of Washington 2002B-0038 CTIO YALO 4.75

Long-term Variability of the Unusual Double-lined Cataclysmic Variable CM Phe

Hoard, Donald University of Washington 2002B-0206 CTIO 1.5m 2

Reflection Effect in the Double Degenerate Binary Star WD0957-666

Holman, Matthew Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2002B-0221 CTIO 4m 4

A Search for Small Distant Moons of Neptune

Hrivnak, Bruce Valparaiso University 2002B-0379 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.15

Mid-IR Imaging of Circumstellar Rings in PPNs

Hudson, Mike University of Waterloo 2002B-0320 KPNO 4m 2

Weak Lensing by Galaxy Groups

Hughes, John Rutgers University 2002B-0345 CTIO 1.5m 4

Finding X-ray Clusters in an SZ Survey

Hurley-Keller, Denise Case Western Reserve University 2002B-0284 KPNO 0.9m 5

Planetary Nebulae in the Halo of M31 KPNO WIYN 4

Impey, Chris University of Arizona 2002B-0263 CTIO 4m 6

Large Scale Structure as Measured by Quasar Absorbers and Galaxies

James, David Universite Joseph Fourier 2002B-0148 CTIO 4m 2

Differential Rotation on the M-dwarf HK Aqr

Jensen, Eric Swarthmore College 2002B-0399 CTIO 4m 2

Disks around the nearest young stars

Kannappan, Sheila University of Texas, Austin 2002B-0168 KPNO 4m 2

Faint Companions and LSB Extensions of S0 Galaxies: Clues to HSB Disk Formation

Keller, Stefan Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2002B-0138 CTIO 4m 3

RR Lyr & RCGs in the Magellanic Clouds - defining the role of metallicity

Kennicutt, Robert University of Arizona 2002B-0170 CTIO 0.9m 5

Star Formation in the Local Universe

Kilic, Mukremin University of Texas, Austin 2002B-0179 CTIO 4m 4

Identification of Cool White Dwarfs in the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey: Extension to the Equatorial Field

Knop, Robert Vanderbilt University 2002B-0322 GEM-N GEM-NQ 2.33

Cosmology with High-Redshift Type Ia Supernovae

Kobulnicky, Chip University of Wisconsin, Madison 2002B-0355 KPNO 2.1m 6.5

SQUID Imaging of Ultra-Young Radio-Selected Star Clusters in Nearby Galaxies

Kouveliotou, Chryssa NASA Marshall Space Flight Center 2002B-0323 CTIO YALO 1

ToO Gamma-Ray Burst Counterpart Observations

Krisciunas, Kevin National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0244 CTIO 0.9m 6

Near-Infrared and Optical Light Curves of Bright Supernovae CTIO YALO 5


Kulkarni, Varsha University of South Carolina 2002B-0380 MMT MMT 3

The Evolution of Metals and Dust in Damped Lyman-alpha Quasar Absorbers

Landolt, Arlo Louisiana State University 2002B-0033 CTIO 1.5m 14

A Study of Variability Among the Blue Metal Poor Stars

Lebzelter, Thomas University of Vienna 2002B-0087 CTIO YALO 0.9

Atmospheric dynamics in Globular Cluster LPVs

Ledlow, Michael Gemini Observatory 2002B-0082 CTIO 1.5m 7

An Evolutionary Sequence of Cluster Evolution, Star Formation, and Galaxy Activity: An Optical/Radio/X-ray Study

Lee, Jae-Woo California Institute of Technology 2002B-0180 CTIO 0.9m 4

RR Lyrae Variables in the Metal-Rich Globular Cluster NGC 6723:An Ideal Template for Galactic Bulge RR Lyrae Populations

Liu, Michael University of Hawaii 2002B-0161 CTIO 4m 5

A Methane-Break Imaging Survey in Southern Star-Forming Regions

Lowenthal, James University of Massachusetts 2002B-0336 GEM-N GEM-NQ 2.75

Galaxies near Damped Ly(alpha) Clouds at z~3

Lowenthal, James University of Massachusetts 2002B-0354 GEM-N GEM-NQ 3

Internal Kinematics of Radio-Selected Starburst Galaxies

Lowrance, Patrick California Institute of Technology 2002B-0312 KPNO 4m 3.5

Confirmation of L and T dwarf Companions to Nearby Stars

Luhman, Kevin Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2002B-0059 GEM-N GEM-NQ 2.6

Searching for the Bottom of the Initial Mass Function

Macri, Lucas Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2002B-0280 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.6

Improving the Cepheid Distance Scale KPNO WIYN 9

Majewski, Steven University of Virginia 2002B-0407 CTIO 4m 5

Spectroscopic Survey of the Grid Giant Star Survey

Maloney, Philip University of Colorado 2002B-0128 GEM-N GEM-NQ 2.5

Buried AGN in LINER-type Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies

Margheim, Steven Indiana University 2002B-0254 KPNO 4m 2.5

Abundance Signatures of Stars with Planets in the Praesepe Cluster

Massey, Philip Lowell Observatory 2002B-0218 MMT MMT 2.5

The Evolution and Physical Parameters of Massive Stars at High Metallicity: O Stars in the Andromeda Galaxy

McCarthy, Patrick Carnegie Observatories 2002B-0264 GEM-N GEM-NQ 3

The Gemini Deep Deep Survey KPNO 4m 3

Meibom, Soeren University of Wisconsin, Madison 2002B-0259 KPNO WIYN 7

The effect of binarity on stellar angular momentum evolution in solar- type stars

Mihos, Chris Case Western Reserve University 2002B-0308 KPNO 2.1m 3

Testing dwarf galaxy formation models using compact groups

Mobasher, Bahram Space Telescope Science Institute 2002B-0100 CTIO 4m 2

Comparison of Star-Formation Diagnostics

Morrison, Heather Case Western Reserve University 2002B-0406 KPNO WIYN 2

Halo Kinematics of Disk Galaxies at 10 Mpc without Keck

Mould, Jeremy National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0056 KPNO 2.1m 5

Deciphering the M31 Star formation history from its Long Period Variables

Mueller, Beatrice National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0274 KPNO 2.1m 3

Color Observations of Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs)

Muzerolle, James University of Arizona 2002B-0331 CTIO 1.5m 3

Young Cluster Disk Survey: Characterizing the Stellar Populations

Nelson, Charles Drake University 2002B-0260 KPNO 4m 3.5

Black Hole Masses from [OIII] Line Profiles in PG Quasars

Norman, Dara National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0378 CTIO 1.5m 8

Continuing photometric follow-up of DLS Transients

O'Dwyer, Ian University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2002B-0151 KPNO 2.1m 4

An Infrared Search for Binary Companions to White Dwarfs with Hard X-Ray Emission

Oliveira, Kepler Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul 2002B-0288 CTIO 1.5m 5

The Instability Strip Limits of ZZ Ceti Stars

Olsen, Knut National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0329 GEM-S GEM-SQ 3

Do the LMC and Milky Way Globular Clusters Share a Common Origin?

Olsen, Knut National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0382 CTIO 0.9m 5

The Warp of the LMC

Palma, Christopher Pennsylvania State University 2002B-0371 CTIO 4m 2

Tracing the Spatial Distribution of Stars in the Phoenix Dwarf Galaxy Beyond the Tidal Radius

Parker, Joel Southwest Research Institute 2002B-0006 CTIO 4m 8

The Magellanic Cloud Massive Star SpectroscopicSurvey: Field Stars and the IMF

Parker, Joel Southwest Research Institute 2002B-0245 KPNO 2.1m 5.5

The Kuiper Belt Recovery Program KPNO 4m 4

Patterson, Joseph Columbia University 2002B-0147 CTIO 0.9m 14

Last Rites for Binary Stars

Pipher, Judith University of Rochester 2002B-0203 KPNO 2.1m 5

Inventory and Distribution of Disks, Protostars, and Proto-Brown Dwarfs in Young Stellar Clusters: Imaging with SQIID and SIRTF

Pizagno, Jim Ohio State University 2002B-0337 CTIO 4m 3

2 (micron) Continuum and H_2 1-0 S(1) Imaging of Reflection Nebulae

Prochaska, Jason Carnegie Observatories 2002B-0075 KPNO 4m 3

Surveying the Origin of O VI Gas at Low Redshift

Rebull, Luisa SIRTF Science Center 2002B-0066 KPNO WIYN 2

Rotational Evolution of Young Low-Mass Stars in the Orion Nebula Cluster

Rector, Travis National Radio Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0190 KPNO 0.9m 2

The Nova Rate in Galaxies of Different Hubble Type

Reid, I Neill Space Telescope Science Institute 2002B-0121 KPNO 4m 4

Meeting the Neighbours

Reid, I Neill Space Telescope Science Institute 2002B-0142 KPNO WIYN 2

A search for planetary-mass companions to ultracool dwarfs

Rhee, Jaehyon University of Virginia 2002B-0325 CTIO 1.5m 5

New Metal-Poor Giants and Horizontal-Branch Stars from the HK-II Survey KPNO 2.1m 6

Rhoads, James Space Telescope Science Institute 2002B-0334 CTIO 4m-TOO  

Gamma-Ray Bursts and their Host Environments KPNO 2.1m-TOO  


Rhoads, James Space Telescope Science Institute 2002B-0344 KPNO 4m 2

A Census of z > 4 Galaxies

Rich, R Michael University of California, Los Angeles 2002B-0045 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.4

Terminating Messier 4

Sahu, Kailash Space Telescope Science Institute 2002B-0411 CTIO 0.9m 14

PLANET II: Search for Extra-Solar Planets through Microlensing using a Worldwide Network

Samec, Ronald Bob Jones University 2002B-0353 CTIO 0.9m 9

Solar-Type Eclipsing Binary Systems with Impacting Gas Streams

Sarajedini, Ata University of Florida 2002B-0214 CTIO 4m 3

The LMC in Space and Time: An infrared reconnaissance

Schmidt, Edward University of Nebraska 2002B-0023 KPNO 2.1m 10

The Pulsational Properties of Type II Cepheid Variable Stars

Schmitt, Henrique National Radio Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0400 KPNO 2.1m 3

The circumnuclear stellar population and black hole masses of Seyfert galaxies

Schnurr, Olivier University of Montreal 2002B-0157 CTIO 1.5m 16

WNLh Stars - The Most Massive Stars in the Universe?

Schombert, James University of Oregon 2002B-0048 CTIO 1.5m 7

Age/Metallicity Calibration for Old Stellar Populations

Schuler, Simon University of Nevada, Las Vegas 2002B-0252 MMT MMT 2

Chromospheric Activity and Lithium Abundance Scatter in the Young Open Cluster M35

Schwarz, Hugo CTIO 2002B-0162 CTIO 4m 4

Gravitational Redshift Masses for White Dwarfs

Shanks, Tom University of Durham 2002B-0106 CTIO 4m 1

A UV Survey for z~3 Galaxies

Sherry, William SUNY at Stony Brook 2002B-0328 CTIO 0.9m 2

A Census of brown dwarfs and Giant Planets in the Orion OB1b Sub- Association

Sicilia-Aguilar, Aurora Harvard Smithsonian Ctr. for Astrophys. 2002B-0199 KPNO WIYN 3

Cluster survey of protoplanetary disk evolution

Silverman, John Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory 2002B-0314 CTIO 4m 2

Is the dawn of the quasar epoch between 3<z<5? KPNO 4m 3


Smith, Verne University of Texas, El Paso 2002B-0186 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2

The Chemical Composition of the Small Magellanic Cloud from Infrared Spectroscopy of Red-Giant Stars

Smith, Nathan University of Minnesota 2002B-0207 CTIO 4m 3

Variability in the Near-IR Spectrum of Eta Carinae

Stanford, S. Adam University of California, Davis 2002B-0370 KPNO 4m 9

Masses of Galaxies and Clusters in an X-ray Selected Sample at 0.6 < z < 1.3

Stark, Michele Pennsylvania State University 2002B-0139 KPNO 2.1m 5

Determining the Properties of Hot Subdwarf Star Composite Binaries

Stassun, Keivan University of Wisconsin, Madison 2002B-0196 CTIO 0.9m 10

A Spectroscopic and Photometric Study of Newly Discovered Pre-Main-Sequence Eclipsing Binaries in Orion GEM-S GEM-SQ 4


Statler, Thomas Ohio University 2002B-0342 MMT MMT 2

The Evolution of CO-Rich Elliptical Galaxies: Stellar and Ionized Gas Kinematics

Subasavage, John Georgia State University 2002B-0205 CTIO 0.9m 7

Proper Motion Stars for CTIOPI2

Suntzeff, Nicholas National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0189 CTIO 1.5m 3

Optical Spectrophotometry of Sirius

Suntzeff, Nicholas National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0315 GEM-N GEM-NQ 4

The w Project: Measuring the Equation of State of the Universe

Tancredi, Gonzalo Depto. Astron., Fac. Ciencias 2002B-0291 CTIO 1.5m 2

The size distribution of Jupiter Family Comets

Tavarez, Maritza University of Michigan 2002B-0392 KPNO 4m 4

Dwarf Galaxies as probes of Dark Matter Halos

Taylor, Christopher University of Massachusetts 2002B-0098 KPNO 2.1m 8

The composition of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies

Terndrup, Donald Ohio State University 2002B-0193 KPNO 4m 4

Testing Stellar Pollution by Accretion of Planetesimals

Thuan, Trinh University of Virginia 2002B-0149 KPNO 4m 3

The dY/dZ slope from a new sample of metal-deficient blue compact dwarf galaxies from the SLOAN survey

Tomita, Akihiko Wakayama University 2002B-0159 KPNO 2.1m 6

Blue Compact Dwarfs: Young-to-Old Ratio

Trager, Scott Carnegie Observatories 2002B-0164 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.7

Surface Brightness Fluctutations in the Near Infrared: A Unique Tool for Stellar Population Studies

Turnshek, David University of Pittsburgh 2002B-0408 HET HET 2

The Kinematics of the Neutral Gas in Low-Redshift Damped Lyman-Alpha Galaxies

Valenti, Jeff Space Telescope Science Institute 2002B-0385 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1

Multi-Wavelength Analysis of Stellar Magnetic Flux Tubes

Van Der Bliek, Nicole National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0261 CTIO 0.9m 6

Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program: Observations of RR Lyrae Variables

van Zee, Liese Indiana University 2002B-0289 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1

Stellar Rotation Curves of Starbursting Dwarf Galaxies

Veilleux, Sylvain University of Maryland 2002B-0097 KPNO 4m 4

Superwinds in Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies: The Fall Sample MMT MMT 2

Verner, Ekaterina NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 2002B-0052 CTIO 4m 2

Probing the Chemical History of the Early Universe through FeII lines

Von Hippel, Ted University of Texas, Austin 2002B-0234 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.76

Testing stellar interiors & atmospheres at [Fe/H]=+0.4: Observations of faint main sequence stars in NGC 6791

Wachter, Stefanie University of Washington 2002B-0043 CTIO YALO 2.8

Optical Monitoring of the X-ray Transient X1608-52

Wachter, Stefanie University of Washington 2002B-0047 CTIO YALO 3

X-ray Transients: Exploring the Physics of Accretion Disk Instabilities

Walker, Alistair National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0124 CTIO 0.9m 2

Calibration of Stromgren-Ca photometry for the HB and RGB stars in the Carina Dwarf Galaxy

Waller, William Tufts University 2002B-0413 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1

Deep Near-IR Imaging of Gravitationally-Lensed High-Z Galaxies in the Field of the Cluster ZwCl0024+1654

Wegner, Gary Dartmouth College 2002B-0229 KPNO 4m 3

A Determination of the QSO Space Density at z~ 5

Whiting, Alan Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory 2002B-0270 CTIO 1.5m 4

Surface Photometry of Extragalactic Light in Galaxy Clusters

Witt, Adolf University of Toledo 2002B-0071 KPNO 2.1m 6.5

Spectroscopy of Photoluminescence Emission by Interstellar Nanoparticles

Wolff, Sidney National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2002B-0184 KPNO WIYN 4 (DD)

Role of Environment in Fixing the Angular Momentum of Intermediate Mass Stars

Zepf, Stephen Michigan State University 2002B-0350 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.4

Age-Dating the Major Formation Events in Elliptical Galaxies Through K- band Imaging of Their Globular Clusters

Zwintz, Konstanze University of Vienna 2002B-0070 CTIO 0.9m 14

Pulsating Pre-Main Sequence Stars In Young Open Clusters

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