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NOAO Approved Programs for 2019B

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Programs: 178
Nights: 584.447
Approved NOAO Survey Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Dell'Antonio, Ian Brown University 2019A-0308 CTIO 4m 9

LoVoCCS: the Local Volume Complete Cluster Survey

Drlica-Wagner, Alex Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 2019A-0305 CTIO 4m 21

DECam Local Volume Exploration Survey

Hardegree-Ullman, Kevin California Institute of Technology--IPAC 2019A-0364 CTIO SOAR 5

Atmospheric Survey of Giant Exoplanets Discovered by TESS

Penny, Matthew Ohio State University 2019A-0315 CTIO 4m 4.5

Multi-band Imaging Survey for High-Alpha PlanetS (MISHAPS): Surveying the demographics of transiting hot Jupiters in the alpha-rich Galactic bulge

Trilling, David Northern Arizona University 2019A-0337 CTIO 4m 4.5

The Deep DECam Outer Solar System Survey (DDOSSS)


Approved Long Term Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Bechtol, Keith Large Synoptic Survey Telescope 2018A-0242 CTIO 4m 0.5

Magellanic Satellites Survey: The Search for Hierarchical Structures within the Local Group (Phase 2)

Dawson, William Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2018A-0273 CTIO 4m 10

PALS: Paralensing Survey of Intermediate Mass Black Holes

Malhotra, Sangeeta NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 2018B-0327 CTIO 4m 5

Lyman Alpha Galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization

Moskovitz, Nicholas Lowell Observatory 2017B-0111 CTIO SOAR 4

The Mission Accessible Near-Earth Object Survey (MANOS)

Rest, Armin Space Telescope Science Institute 2018B-0122 CTIO 4m 2.5

Photometric Time Series of Carinae's Great Eruption

Tokovinin, Andrei National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2018A-0004 CTIO SOAR 2

Dynamics of resolved triple systems and ``fast'' binaries


Approved Regular Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Agueros, Marcel Columbia University 2019B-0272 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.89

Monitoring H-alpha and TiO Emission of M Dwarfs in the TESS Southern Continuous Viewing Zone

Andrews, Jennifer University of Arizona 2019B-0343 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.24

Spectrophotometric Time Series of Eta Carinae's Great Eruption

Antunano Martin, Arrate University of Leicester 2019B-0416 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1

Characterising Jupiter’s Equatorial Zone Disturbance and the Deep Atmosphere via Gemini-Juno Comparisons

Arcavi, Iair Tel Aviv University 2019B-0172 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.27

Mapping the Diversity and Emission Mechanisms of SMBH-Related Transients

Aydi, Elias Michigan State University 2019B-0283 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.4

Investigating shocks and outflow structure in Galactic novae

Barrientos, Felipe Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile 2019B-1008 CTIO 4m 2

Lyman Alpha Galaxies in the Epoch of Reoinization (LAGER)

Bassett, Robert Swinburne University of Technology 2019B-0109 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.21

The Great Escape: Mapping LyC and Ionization Conditions in HII regions

Battles, Amy Georgia Gwinnett College 2019B-0354 CTIO 0.9m 6

Testing the Role of Magnetic Processes in Optical Variability of X-Ray Selected Blazars

Beck, Tracy Space Telescope Science Institute 2019B-0153 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.32

Is Binary Orbital Motion Triggering Mass Outflow Ejections?

Beck, Tracy Space Telescope Science Institute 2019B-0166 GEM-N GEM-NQ 3.48

Investigating the Nature of Very Young Brown Dwarfs

Bianconi, Matteo University of Birmingham 2019B-0415 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.2

GMOS Discovery of Kilonova Counterparts to Strongly-lensed Binary Neutron Star (NS-NS) and Neutron Star- Black Hole (NS- BH) Mergers in LIGO/Virgo’s Third Observing Run (O3)

Blackman, Ryan Yale University 2019B-0358 KPNO WIYNQ 2

K2 & TESS Exoplanet Mass Measurements with NEID

Blake, James University of Leicester 2019B-0157 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.55

Saturn after the Summer Solstice: Evolution in the northern hemisphere

Bostroem, K. Azalee University of California, Davis 2019B-0212 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.59

Progenitors of Type II Supernovae from Nebular Spectra

Bouy, Herve University of Bordeaux 2019B-0042 CTIO 4m 0.5

Complementing Gaia from the ground: the COSMIC-DANCE survey

Boyajian, Tabetha Louisiana State University 2019B-0232 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 4.8

Follow-up of Candidate Transiting Planets Discovered by Citizen Scientists in TESS Data

Bzard, Bruno Observatoire de Paris 2019B-0052 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.4

Search for methyl radicals in Titan's atmosphere

Carmichael, Theron Harvard University 2019B-0131 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 2.4

Searching for brown dwarfs with TESS follow up

Carr, John Eureka Scientific 2019B-0140 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.38

Where is the Water in Herbig AeBe Disks?

Chene, Andre-Nicolas Gemini Observatory North 2019B-0178 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.98

Microlensing black holes and their masses from Gaia

Ciardullo, Robin Pennsylvania State University 2019B-0168 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.36

An M31 Open Cluster with a Planetary Nebula? Testing the Minimum Stellar Mass for Hot-Bottom Burning

Clayton, Geoffrey Louisiana State University 2019B-0044 CTIO 4m 7

Search for the coldest Magellanic RCB stars; The early supergiant phase after WD merger

Colon, Knicole NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 2019B-0280 KPNO WIYN 5.5

Photometric Characterization of K2 and TESS Exoplanets with WIYN

Colon, Knicole NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 2019B-0280 KPNO WIYNQ 0.2

Photometric Characterization of K2 and TESS Exoplanets with WIYN

Crossfield, Ian Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2019B-0163 KPNO WIYNQ 1.59

A NEID mass for a Small TESS Atmospheric Target

Dolch, Timothy Hillsdale College 2019B-0385 KPNO WIYN 2

An KPNO H(alpha) Search for Radio Pulsar Bow-Shock Nebula

Douglas, Stephanie Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2019B-0105 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1

Stellar rotation and multiplicity with TESS and Gemini

Fletcher, Leigh University of Leicester 2019B-0117 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.65

A Neptunian Summer: Atmospheric Characterisation in Preparation for JWST

Fouchet, Thierry Observatoire de Paris 2019B-0248 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.4

Searching for ammonia originating from the rings in Saturn's atmosphere

Frederick, Sara University of Maryland 2019B-0399 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.83

The Real-Time Appearance of the BLR in a New Class of Changing-Look LINERs Discovered by ZTF

Fuchs, Guido W. University of Kassel 2019B-0129 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.7

The condensation of stellar dust: Investigating the role of TiO and TiO2 in the S-type AGB star NP Aur

Gelino, Christopher California Institute of Technology--IPAC 2019B-0377 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.43

Determining the low-mass cutoff for star formation

Graham, Melissa L. University of Washington 2019B-0252 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.25

Constraining the Fraction of Type Ia Supernovae with Non-Degenerate Companions

Graykowski, Ariel University of California, Los Angeles 2019B-0095 KPNO 0.9m 8

Astrometry of Long Period Comets and Cometary Fragmentation Investigation

Green, Paul Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2019B-0246 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.86

Changing-Look Quasars: Radical Changes in Accretion Rate?

Gruen, Daniel Stanford University 2019B-0203 GEM-S GEM-SQ 4.05

Empowering optical cluster cosmology with GMOS

Hajduk, Marcin University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn 2019B-0053 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.2

CK Vul still alive - precessing jet and ongoing mass loss

Hartman, Zachary Lowell Observatory 2019B-0369 GEM-N GEM-NQ 2.71

Examining the Higher Order Multiplicity of Halo Wide Binaries

Hermes, Jj Boston University 2019B-0125 CTIO SOAR 4

Measuring the endpoints of stellar rotation with TESS

Howell, Steve NASA Ames Research Center 2019B-0046 KPNO WIYNQ 4

K2 and TESS Exoplanet Validation and Characterization: Small Planets and Host Systems

Howell, Steve NASA Ames Research Center 2019B-0054 GEM-S GEM-SQ 7

K2 and TESS Exoplanet Validation and Characterization: Small, Rocky Planets, Host Star Systems

Jha, Saurabh Rutgers University 2019B-0182 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.73

Spectroscopy of Type Iax Supernovae

Kareta, Theodore Lunar and Planetary Lab 2019B-0202 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.48

Unraveling the History of the Quadrantid Meteor Shower with Gemini South

Kelly, Patrick University of Minnesota 2019B-0370 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.2

Measuring the Light Curve of an Extremely Magnified Individual Star at Redshift z=1.49

Kilic, Mukremin University of Oklahoma, Norman 2019B-0004 CTIO SOAR 5

A Unique Opportunity to Identify Short Period Binary White Dwarfs in the Gaia Era

Kilic, Mukremin University of Oklahoma, Norman 2019B-0066 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.22

Double Degenerates in the Solar Neighborhood

Kilpatrick, Charles University of California, Santa Cruz 2019B-0261 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.3

Identifying the Progenitors of Astrophysical Transients

Kim, Bokyoung Georgia State University 2019B-0326 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.62

Mid-resolution spectroscopy for high-velocity, low-mass white dwarf candidates in the local Galactic halo

Kraus, Adam University of Texas, Austin 2019B-0341 KPNO WIYNQ 6

Unveiling the Impact of Binary Stars on Planet Occurrence with Gaia

Lacy, Mark NRAO Headquarters 2019B-0174 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.92

An IFU study of the jet-galaxy interaction in Minkowski's Object

LaMassa, Stephanie Space Telescope Science Institute 2019B-0152 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.3

The Hunt for Red Quasars: Unveiling Luminous Obscured Black Hole Growth

Laycock, Silas University of Massachusetts, Lowell 2019B-0344 KPNO WIYN 2

Completing Identification of X-ray selected stars in the field of starburst galaxy IC 10

Lee, Chien-Hsiu National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2019B-0210 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1

Chasing fast and recurrent M31 novae from ZTF and ANTARES

Lee, Gwang-Ho University of Arizona 2019B-0394 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.36

Mapping the Declining Winds in Post-Starburst Galaxies with GMOS

Lee, Jae-Woo Sejong University 2019B-0923 KPNO 0.9m 14

Sejong Ca-CN Survey

Leggett, Sandy Gemini Observatory North 2019B-0070 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.84

Searching for an Additional Heat Source in 350K Brown Dwarf Atmospheres Using 2-micron Imaging

Luhman, Kevin Pennsylvania State University 2019B-0124 GEM-N GEM-NQ 2.6

Characterizing a New Nearby Young Association

Maccarone, Thomas Texas Technical University 2019B-0133 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.36

A new detached binary compact object

Martinez, Raquel University of Texas, Austin 2019B-0381 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.14

Spectroscopic Confirmation of the Wide Orbit Planetary-Mass Companion [SCH06] J0359+2009 B

Martinez, Clara Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory 2019B-0403 CTIO 4m 5.5

The hunt of RR Lyrae stars in ultra-faint systems

Martinez, Clara Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory 2019B-0403 CTIO SOAR 2

The hunt of RR Lyrae stars in ultra-faint systems

McCully, Curtis Las Cumbres Observatory 2019B-0192 GEM-S GEM-SQ 3.6

Optical to IR Observations of the Next Kilonovae

Melis, Carl University of California, San Diego 2019B-0207 GEM-S GEM-SQ 3.34

Gemini-South Polluted White Dwarf Survey

Molnar, Larry Calvin College 2019B-0320 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.18

Contact Binaries Undergoing Tidal Instability?

Moskovitz, Nicholas Lowell Observatory 2019B-0143 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2

The Mission Accessible Near-Earth Object Survey (MANOS)

Mould, Jeremy Swinburne University of Technology 2019B-0071 CTIO 4m 5

Microlensing detection of primordial black holes

Myles, Justin Stanford University 2019B-0209 KPNO WIYN 3

Enabling precision optical cluster cosmology with WIYN

Najita, Joan National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2019B-0225 GEM-N GEM-NQ 2.15

Probing the Planet Formation Status of Disks with the MIR HCN/Water Ratio

Nielsen, Eric Stanford University 2019B-0367 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.68

Orbits of Moving Group Binaries: Constraining the Ages of Planet-Hosting Moving Groups using GPI NRM, Zorro, and 'Alopeke

Nisak, Azmain Georgia State University 2019B-0402 CTIO SOAR 3

Confirmation of New Candidate Members in Young Open Clusters IC 2602 and IC 2391

Nitta, Atsuko Gemini Observatory North 2019B-0308 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.65

White dwarf stars as tracers of stellar, galactic, and planetary evolution

Nugroho, Stenanus Queen's University Belfast 2019B-0226 GEM-N GEM-N-SVC 1

Resolving the Atmosphere of Ultra Hot Jupiter using GRACES

Papovich, Casey Texas A & M University 2019B-0080 CTIO 4m 3

DECam u-Band Imaging of the HETDEX/SHELA field

patience, Jennifer Arizona State University 2019B-0356 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.24

GPI Deep Imaging of the Newly Resolved HD 98363 Disk

Placco, Vinicius University of Notre Dame 2019B-0069 CTIO 4m 5

Identification of Low-Metallicity Stars from Narrow-Band Photometry

Plavchan, Peter George Mason University 2019B-0198 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 2

Measuring Stellar Activity With Chromatic Radial-Velocities in Known Active and Planet-Bearing Systems

Pontoppidan, Klaus Space Telescope Science Institute 2019B-0187 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.24

Warm organics in the youngest protoplanetary disks

Quinn, Sam Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2019B-0302 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 15

Characterization of TESS planet hosts with CHIRON

Rest, Armin Space Telescope Science Institute 2019B-0334 CTIO 4m 3.5

Light Echoes of the Crab Supernova (SN 1054)

Richardson, Noel University of Toledo 2019B-0204 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 1.7

eta Car 2020: The Clearest Vision of a Complex Binary System

Richmond, Michael Rochester Institute of Technology 2019B-0928 KPNO 0.9m 6

Photometry of cataclysmic variable stars

Rodriguez, Joseph Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2019B-0186 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 4

Confirmation and Characterization of Dynamically Young Jupiters to Understand Giant Planet Migration

Salyk, Colette Vassar College 2019B-0216 GEM-N GEM-NQ 2.41

Location and Kinematics of Water Vapor in Planet-forming Regions

Salzer, John Indiana University 2019B-0925 KPNO 0.9m 6

H-Alpha Imaging of XMP Candidate Galaxies

Sand, David University of Arizona 2019B-0092 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.55

Rapid Spectroscopy of Very Young Supernovae Discovered by the D<40 Mpc Survey

Santiago, Basilio Universidade Federale do Rio Grande do Sul 2019B-0376 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.447

Brown dwarf benchmark candidates in the Dark Energy Survey and Gaia DR2

Scarlata, Claudia University of Minnesota 2019B-0016 CTIO 4m 8

The demographics of Extreme Emission Line galaxies

Schaefer, Gail Georgia State University 2019B-0260 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.07

The Dynamical Mass of Polaris, the Nearest Cepheid: The Periastron Campaign

Schambeau, Charles University of Central Florida 2019A-0095 KPNO 0.9m 7

Characterizing the Activity and Behavior of Comets in the Centaur-to- Jupiter Family Transition

Scharwaechter, Julia Gemini Observatory North 2019B-0208 GEM-N GEM-NQ 2.2

Probing the effect of AGN feedback on multiple gas phases in the Close AGN Reference Survey (CARS)

Shara, Michael American Museum of Natural History 2019B-0256 CTIO 4m 4

Magellanic Clouds' Contact and Cataclysmic Binaries

Shaw, Aarran University of Alberta 2019B-0421 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.6

Determining the nature of Very Faint X-ray Transients

Sheppard, Scott Carnegie Institution of Washington 2019B-0408 CTIO 4m 5

Extreme Trans-Neptunian Objects: Making a More Uniform Survey

Shporer, Avi Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2019B-0147 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 3

Radial Velocity Confirmation of TESS Warm Jupiter Candidates

Shporer, Avi Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2019B-0147 KPNO WIYNQ 0.5

Radial Velocity Confirmation of TESS Warm Jupiter Candidates

Sinclair, James Jet Propulsion Laboratory 2019B-0328 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.08

High spatial and spectral TEXES mapping of Jupiter's auroral regions

Singer, Leo NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 2019B-0321 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.09

Black and Gold: Discovering and Characterizing Infrared Counterparts to Neutron Star Mergers

Smith, J Allyn Austin Peay State University 2019B-0258 CTIO 0.9m 7

Targeted Samples of the Hot Stellar Content in the Southern Sky

Smith, J Allyn Austin Peay State University 2019B-0924 KPNO 0.9m 8

APSU Mixed Studies

Soares-Santos, Marcelle Brandeis University 2019B-0371 CTIO 4m 2

Dark Siren Cosmology Program

Stefansson, Gudmundur Pennsylvania State University 2019B-0259 KPNO WIYNQ 0.8

Rossiter-McLaughlin Measurements of the Neptune-size M-dwarf planet GJ 3470b

Suess, Katherine University of California, Berkeley 2019B-0194 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.77

Characterizing the sizes and morphologies of z~0.6 gas-rich recently-quenched galaxies

Tamada, Nozomu Ehime University 2019B-0118 CTIO SOAR 2

Systematic exploration of optical counterparts of DLAs at z > 2

Tejos, Nicolas Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile 2019B-0185 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.51

Rapid Imaging and Spectroscopic Follow-up of Fast Radio Bursts

Tetarenko, Bailey University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 2019B-0065 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.93

Mapping the structure of black hole accretion discs with Gemini/ GMOS

Tokovinin, Andrei National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2019B-0003 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 2

Spectroscopic orbits in nearby triple systems

Tollefson, Joshua University of California, Berkeley 2019B-0428 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.5

Imaging Neptune's New Dark Spot from the Ground

Troja, Eleonora University of Maryland 2019B-0224 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.43

Off-axis afterglows from compact binary mergers

Troja, Eleonora University of Maryland 2019B-0274 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1

Mapping the diversity of neutron star mergers with rapid Gemini observations of short gamma-ray bursts

Tsang, Constantine Southwest Research Institute 2019B-0086 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.6

Io's Atmospheric Response to Sunlight after Jupiter Eclipses

von Hippel, Ted Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 2019B-0162 GEM-N GEM-N-SVC 0.71

Characterizing a substellar companion to a young white dwarf with unusual infrared excess

Vrijmoet, Eliot Halley Georgia State University 2019B-0184 CTIO SOAR 2

Orbital Architectures of M Dwarf Systems

Walsh, Gregory West Virginia University 2019B-0351 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.14

Exploring SMBH Binary Evolution in Spheroidal Post-Merger Galaxies

Wang, Feige University of California, Santa Barbara 2019B-0112 GEM-S GEM-SQ 3.15

Searching for Quasars Deep Into the Epoch of Reionization

Wang, Sharon Xuesong Carnegie Institution of Washington 2019B-0268 KPNO WIYNQ 2

RVxTESS: Characterizing Stellar Activity on M Dwarfs with Simultaneous TESS and NEID Observations

Ward-Duong, Kimberly University of Massachusetts, Amherst 2019B-0390 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.65

Investigating an Unusually Cool, Old Brown Dwarf with the Gemini Planet Imager

Ward-Duong, Kimberly University of Massachusetts, Amherst 2019B-0929 KPNO 0.9m 8

Variability Monitoring of Young Low-Mass Stars

Winn, Josh Princeton University 2019B-0266 KPNO WIYNQ 2

Validation of TESS Exoplanet Candidates

Wong, Ian Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2019B-0139 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 3

Exploring the desert: Precise radial velocity confirmation of TESS sub- Saturn candidates

Wright, Jason Pennsylvania State University 2019B-0127 KPNO WIYNQ 0.8

Measuring the Ultimate RV Standard Star: NEID Observations of the Sun at Night

Wu, Ya-Lin University of Texas, Austin 2019B-0120 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 1.5

Measuring the Primordial Star-disk Obliquity

Wyatt, Sam University of Arizona 2019B-0175 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.6

Constraining Type Ia Supernova Physics with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Xu, Siyi Gemini Observatory North 2019B-0237 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.97

The Gaia View of Dust Disks around White Dwarfs

Yang, Jinyi University of Arizona 2019B-0102 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.45

Probing Cosmic Reionization History with New z>6.5 Luminous Quasars

Yep, Alexandra Georgia State University 2019B-0401 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 7.7

Star and Planet Formation in a High-Radiation Environment

Zakamska, Nadia Johns Hopkins University 2019B-0214 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.8

Extreme quasar feedback at the peak of the galaxy formation epoch

Zenteno, Alfredo Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory 2019B-0323 CTIO 4m 18


Zezas, Andreas Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2019B-0146 CTIO 4m 4

Investigation of Supernova Remnants in nearby galaxies


Approved Indiana Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Agostino, Christopher Indiana University 2019B-0509 KPNO WIYN 4

Emission Line Properties of Active Galaxies

Brunker, Samantha Indiana University 2019B-0488 KPNO WIYN 3

Probing the Environment of Extreme [O III]-selected H(alpha) Dots

Deliyannis, Constantine Indiana University 2019B-0498 KPNO WIYN 7

Stellar Physics via Li in M67, NGC 2158, and M41

Deliyannis, Constantine Indiana University 2019B-0927 KPNO 0.9m 19

UBVRI studies of open clusters

Pilachowski, Catherine Indiana University 2019B-0484 KPNO WIYN 1

Indiana Alumni Night at WIYN

Pilachowski, Catherine Indiana University 2019B-0915 KPNO WIYN 1

H-alpha emission in M15 giants

Rhode, Katherine Indiana University 2019B-0492 KPNO WIYN 4

WIYN ODI Imaging of Selected Dark Galaxies

Sieben, Jennifer Indiana University 2019B-0495 KPNO WIYN 13

SFACT: A Deep Narrow-Band Imaging Survey with WIYN

van Zee, Liese Indiana University 2019B-0454 KPNO WIYN 3

Ionized Gas Kinematics and the Chemical Evolution of Nearby Galaxies


Approved Missouri Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Yan, Haojing University of Missouri, Columbia 2019B-0513 KPNO WIYN 9.5

Missouri WIYN Survey with ODI and WHIRC


Approved Penn State Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Dawson, Rebekah Pennsylvania State University 2019B-0497 KPNO WIYNQ 0.25

Radial Velocity Follow-Up of TESS Warm, Large Exoplanets: Testing Origins Theories with a Multi-Faceted Views of Planetary Systems

Gupta, Arvind Pennsylvania State University 2019B-0504 KPNO WIYNQ 0.925

Vetting and Validation of TESS Single-Transit Events

Gupta, Arvind Pennsylvania State University 2019B-0505 KPNO WIYNQ 0.7

TESS False Positive Vetting with NESSI

Kanodia, Shubham Pennsylvania State University 2019B-0490 KPNO WIYNQ 0.75

Probing the FGK dwarf exoplanet Mass-Radius Relationship with NEID

Mahadevan, Suvrath Pennsylvania State University 2019B-0486 KPNO WIYNQ 2.05

Constraining the M dwarf exoplanet Mass-Radius Relationship

Robertson, Paul University of California, Irvine 2019B-0501 KPNO WIYNQ 0.46

Rossiter-McLaughlin Measurements of a Transiting Terrestrial Planet orbiting HD 219134

Stefansson, Gudmundur Pennsylvania State University 2019B-0487 KPNO WIYNQ 0.8

Insight into M-dwarf obliquities: is GJ 3470b aligned or misaligned with the spin of its host star?

Stevens, Daniel Astronomy & Astrophysics 2019B-0491 KPNO WIYNQ 1.125

Into the Blue: Searching for Extreme Solar Systems around Hot Stars

Wright, Jason Pennsylvania State University 2019B-0502 KPNO WIYNQ 2.24

Casting our NETS: the NEID Earth Twin Survey


Approved Purdue Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Lee, Kyoung-Soo Purdue University 2019B-0483 KPNO WIYN 2

First Comprehensive Characterization of Lya Escape Fraction

Milisavljevic, Danny Purdue University 2019B-0510 KPNO WIYNQ 2

NEID High Resolution Spectroscopy of Transients

Peterson, John Purdue University 2019B-0494 KPNO WIYN 3.5

Weak Lensing in Clusters of Galaxies with PhoSim


Approved Wisconsin Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Davis, Julie University of Wisconsin Madison 2019B-0499 KPNO WIYN 4

Ionized Gas Kinematics in MeerKAT HI Galaxies

Jones, Logan University of Wisconsin, Madison 2019B-0508 KPNO WIYN 2

Redshift Survey for Strong Emission Line Galaxies

Kotulla, Ralf University of Wisconsin, Madison 2019B-0496 KPNO WIYN 3

Galaxies growing up: From fields to groups to clusters

Mathieu, Robert University of Wisconsin, Madison 2019B-0506 KPNO WIYN 11

A Study of Binary Populations and Alternative Pathways of Stellar Evolution in Open Clusters

Morris, Melissa University of Wisconsin, Madison 2019B-0514 KPNO WIYN 1

Measuring the Density of the Intragroup Medium using Bent Double Lobed AGN

Rosenwasser, Ben University of Wisconsin, Madison 2019B-0507 KPNO WIYN 3

Deep imaging and spectroscopy of [OIII] absorber fields


Approved Testing and Engineering Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Mahadevan, Suvrath Pennsylvania State University 2019B-2001 KPNO WIYN 22

NEID Science Commissioning

Mahadevan, Suvrath Pennsylvania State University 2019B-9999 KPNO WIYN 4

NEID Eng Commissioning

Schweiker, Heidi WIYN Observatory 2019B-0906 KPNO WIYN 4


Schweiker, Heidi WIYN Observatory 2019B-0909 KPNO WIYN 12

NEID Instrument Commissioning


Approved Testing and Engineering Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Cooke, Jeffrey Swinburne University of Technology 2019B-1012 CTIO 4m 3

All-wavelength search for FRB counterparts and fast transients

Programs: 178
Nights: 584.447

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