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NOAO Approved Programs for 2020A

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Programs: 178
Nights: 503.286
Approved NOAO Survey Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Dell'Antonio, Ian Brown University 2019A-0308 CTIO 4m 5

LoVoCCS: the Local Volume Complete Cluster Survey

Drlica-Wagner, Alex Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 2019A-0305 CTIO 4m 22

DECam Local Volume Exploration Survey

Hardegree-Ullman, Kevin California Institute of Technology--IPAC 2019A-0364 CTIO SOAR 5

Atmospheric Survey of Giant Exoplanets Discovered by TESS

Hartigan, Patrick Rice University 2019A-0101 CTIO SOAR 6

The Carina Time-Series Deep Field

Penny, Matthew Ohio State University 2019A-0315 CTIO 4m 7

Multi-band Imaging Survey for High-Alpha PlanetS (MISHAPS): Surveying the demographics of transiting hot Jupiters in the alpha-rich Galactic bulge

Shen, Yue University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 2019A-0065 CTIO 4m 8

DECam Early Imaging of AGN Reverberation Mapping Fields in SDSS-V

Trilling, David Northern Arizona University 2019A-0337 CTIO 4m 6

The Deep DECam Outer Solar System Survey (DDOSSS)


Approved Chandra Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Zepf, Steve Michigan State University 2018B-0927 CTIO SOAR 1

The Nature of the Two Globular Cluster ULXs in the Galaxy NGC 4472


Approved Fermi Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Massaro, Francesco Osservatorio Astrofisico di Torino 2018B-0934 CTIO 4m 2


Massaro, Francesco Osservatorio Astrofisico di Torino 2019B-0916 CTIO 4m 2



Approved Long Term Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Malhotra, Sangeeta NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 2018B-0327 CTIO 4m 5

Lyman Alpha Galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization

Rest, Armin Space Telescope Science Institute 2020A-0415 CTIO 4m 2.5

Photometric Time Series of Carinae's Great Eruption

Tokovinin, Andrei NOIRLab 2020A-0006 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 1.5

Spectroscopic orbits in nearby triple systems


Approved Regular Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Andrews, Jennifer University of Arizona 2020A-0323 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.24

Spectrophotometric Time Series of Eta Carinae's Great Eruption

Barlow, Brad High Point University 2020A-0268 CTIO SOAR 4

The EREBOS Project: Determining the Influence of Substellar Objects on Stellar Evolution

Bean, Jacob University of Chicago 2020A-0083 GEM-N GEM-NQ 3

Radial velocity follow up of TESS planets with MAROON-X

Beard, Corey University of California, Irvine 2020A-0253 KPNO WIYNQ 2.2

Simultaneous Observations of Kepler Objects With TESS and NEID

Belikov, Ruslan NASA Ames Research Center 2020A-0072 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.42

Direct imaging of exoplanets and exozodiacal dust around Alpha Centauri A

Bell, Keaton University of Washington 2020A-0316 CTIO SOAR 2

Solving the orbit of one of the shortest-period binaries known

Bianconi, Matteo University of Birmingham 2020A-0073 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.2

GMOS Discovery of Kilonova Counterparts to Strongly-lensed Binary Neutron Star (NS-NS) and Neutron Star- Black Hole (NS- BH) Mergers in LIGO/Virgo’s Third Observing Run (O3)

Bostroem, K. Azalee University of California, Davis 2020A-0176 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.31

Progenitors of Type II SUpernovae from Nebular Spectra

Bouma, Luke Princeton University 2020A-0146 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 3

A Search for Transiting Giant Planets Around Young Stars

Bouy, Herve University of Bordeaux, France 2020A-0094 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 6.5

Star formation propagation in large complexes: the star formation history in Upper Scorpius

Bowler, Brendan University of Texas, Austin 2020A-0331 CTIO SOAR 2

Transforming Yields of Direct Imaging Planet Searches with Young Accelerating Stars

Bowler, Brendan University of Texas, Austin 2020A-0350 KPNO WIYNQ 2

Transforming Yields of Direct Imaging Planet Searches with Young Accelerating Stars

Boyajian, Tabetha Louisiana State University 2020A-0140 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 4

Follow-up of Candidate Transiting Planets Discovered by Citizen Scientists in TESS Data

Bryan, Marta University of California, Berkeley 2020A-0152 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.21

As the World Turns: Constraining the Origin of Gas Giant Planets using Planetary Spin

Burgasser, Adam University of California, San Diego 2020A-0412 CTIO SOAR 1

X-ray Superflares from L dwarfs: Are they Young or Old?

Caballero-Nieves, Saida Florida Institute of Technology 2020A-0249 GEM-S GEM-SQ 4.15

A Closer look at Be star Multiplicity properties

Cann, Jenna George Mason University 2020A-0019 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.16

The Search for Black Holes in Low Metallicity Dwarf Galaxies: The Power of Gemini GNIRS

Carmichael, Theron Harvard University 2020A-0043 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 2.5

Follow up for brown dwarf candidates from TESS

Cartier, Regis NOIRLab 2020A-0240 CTIO SOAR 2

Spectroscopy of bright galaxies hosting supernovae from the UltraVISTA SN Survey

Casares, Jorge Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias 2020A-0220 CTIO SOAR 2

Proving a dynamical BH in the historical X-ray transient GRS 1716-249

Chapman, Scott Dalhousie University 2020A-0409 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.25

An F2 survey of MgII and OII in the most massive z=4-5 SPT protocluster galaxies

Chen, Tony Yu-Ching University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 2020A-0320 GEM-N GEM-NQ 2.7

Searching kpc dual AGNs at higher redshift.

Cieplak, Agnieszka NASA-GSFC / CRESST-II / UMBC 2020A-0112 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 1.5

Where Are All the Black Holes?

Colon, Knicole NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 2019B-0280 KPNO WIYN 0.5

Photometric Characterization of K2 and TESS Exoplanets with WIYN

Couperus, Andrew Georgia State University 2020A-0178 CTIO 0.9m 1

A Search for Rotation Rates of M Dwarf Twin Binaries

Crossfield, Ian Kansas University 2020A-0077 KPNO WIYNQ 0.38

Diving in: Confirming small planets in the APF deep field with NEID

Crossfield, Ian Kansas University 2020A-0269 KPNO WIYNQ 0.85

Spin-Orbit Alignment of a 2.6R_E sub-Neptune Orbiting a V=6.9 mag Star

Davis, Brian Pennsylvania State University 2020A-0301 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.07

Massive Progenitors in Old Populations: Constraining Models of AGB Stellar Evolution

Debes, John Space Telescope Science Institute 2020A-0020 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.8

Discovering new white dwarf-brown dwarf binaries

Do, Tuan University of California, Los Angeles 2020A-0232 GEM-N GEM-NQ 3.7

Galactic Center Adaptive Optics Spectroscopic Survey

Dupuy, Trent Gemini Observatory North 2020A-0031 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.08

Calibrating Fundamental M-Dwarf Relations at Optical Wavelengths

Esplin, Taran University of Arizona 2020A-0005 CTIO 4m 3

Characterizing a New Young Nearby Association

Fan, Xiaohui University of Arizona 2020A-0074 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.3

Weighing the most massive accreting black holes at cosmic noon

Ferguson, Peter Texas A & M University 2020A-0280 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.6

Probing the Dynamical Structure of Sagittarius

Ferguson, Annette University of Edinburgh 2020A-0393 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.34

Globular Clusters in Dwarf Galaxies: The Exceptional Case of IKN

Flagg, Laura Rice University 2020A-0183 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.42

Direct Detection of the Substellar Companion to AS 205A

Foley, Ryan University of California, Santa Cruz 2020A-0293 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.8

Ultra-Rapid UV Spectroscopy of an Interacting Supernova Discovered by TES

Follette, Katherine Amherst College/Five College Astronomy Department 2020A-0296 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.3

Characterization of the HD142527B Orbit and Circumsecondary Environment with the Gemini Planet Imager

Gerdes, David University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 2020A-0266 CTIO 4m 4

New Horizons Kuiper Belt Extended Mission Target Search 2020 and Beyond

Gosnell, Natalie Colorado College 2020A-0223 KPNO WIYN 2.5

Clusters with K2: systematics from membership and binarity

Graham, Melissa L. University of Washington 2020A-0084 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.36

Constraining the Fraction of Type Ia Supernovae with Non-Degenerate Companions

Grant, Sierra Boston University 2020A-0136 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.05

Accretion onto Intermediate-mass Stars

Green, Paul Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2020A-0052 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.851

Changing-Look Quasars: Radical Changes in Accretion Rate?

Gupta, Arvind Pennsylvania State University 2020A-0400 KPNO WIYNQ 2.7

Radial Velocity Follow-up Observations of TESS Single-Transit Events

Hebb, Leslie Hobart and William Smith Colleges 2020A-0365 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.34

Measuring masses of the unequal mass pre-main sequence eclipsing binary, MML 48

Herbst, William Wesleyan University 2020A-0214 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.72

Infrared Spectroscopy of a Binary T Tauri Embedded in a Precessing Circumbinary Ring

Hom, Justin Arizona State University 2020A-0250 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.24

GPI Deep Imaging of the Newly Resolved HD 98363 Disk

Howell, Steve NASA Ames Research Center 2020A-0044 KPNO WIYNQ 4

Validation and Characterization of TESS Exoplanets

Howell, Steve NASA Ames Research Center 2020A-0047 GEM-S GEM-SQ 7

Validation and Characterization of TESS Exoplanets

Ilha, Gabriele S. Universidade Federal de Santa Maria 2020A-0151 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.396

Probing the gas kinematics of the inner region of Red Geysers

Jaffe, Daniel University of Texas, Austin 2020A-0109 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.16

Young Substellar Objects at High Spectral Resolution

Jha, Saurabh Rutgers University 2020A-0132 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.13

Spectroscopy of Type Iax Supernovae

Jha, Saurabh Rutgers University 2020A-0138 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.8

SIRAH: Supernovae in the Infrared avec Hubble

Jimenez-Teja, Yolanda Observatorio Nacional Brazil 2020A-0411 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.48

Unveiling the Origin of Fossil Groups with Gemini-XMM-HST

Kalas, Paul University of California, Berkeley 2020A-0370 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.24

Testing the hypothesis that stellar flybys in a young cluster environment influence the architectures of planetary systems.

Kilic, Mukremin University of Oklahoma, Norman 2020A-0007 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.53

Two new Double-Lined Double White Dwarfs

Kilic, Mukremin University of Oklahoma, Norman 2020A-0009 GEM-S GEM-SQ 3.35

The White Dwarf Mass Distribution

Kilpatrick, Charles University of California, Santa Cruz 2020A-0217 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.3

Identifying the Progenitors of Astrophysical Transients

Kotulla, Ralf University of Wisconsin, Madison 2020A-0167 CTIO 4m 3

Giant-Dwarf galaxy interactions as channel of galaxy pre-processing in groups

Kraus, Adam University of Texas, Austin 2020A-0330 KPNO WIYNQ 4

Unveiling the Impact of Binary Stars on Planet Occurrence with Gaia

Kraus, Adam University of Texas, Austin 2020A-0343 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.52

Unveiling the Impact of Binary Stars on Planet Occurrence with Gaia

Kruszynska, K. Univeristy of Warsaw 2020A-0182 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.75

Microlensing black holes and their masses from Gaia

Line, Mike Arizona State University 2020A-0133 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.42

Characterizing the Atmosphere of a Canonical Hot Jupiter with High Resoluton Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy

Lowenthal, James Smith College 2020A-0085 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.1

Gravitational Lens Models for the Brightest Planck SMGs at 1<z<4

Luhman, Kevin Pennsylvania State University 2020A-0051 CTIO 4m 3

Toward a Complete Census of Stars in Upper Scorpius

Luhman, Kevin Pennsylvania State University 2020A-0066 GEM-N GEM-NQ 2.48

Toward a Complete Census of Brown Dwarfs in Upper Sco

Mace, Gregory University of Texas, Austin 2020A-0110 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.69

Crossing the Substellar Boundary at 25Myr in Beta Pictoris

Macgregor, Meredith Carnegie Institution for Science 2020A-0272 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 1

A Search for Circumstellar and Interstellar Gas in The HD 15115 System

Mann, Andrew University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 2020A-0028 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.5

How often are planet-forming disks aligned with their host stars?

Martinez-Vazquez, Clara NOIRLab 2020A-0238 CTIO 4m 3

The hunt for RR Lyrae stars in a new ultra-faint system discovered in the DELVE Survey

Mazoyer, Johan Jet Propulsion Laboratory 2020A-0200 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.55

Scattering properties of two newly imaged Sco-Cen Disks

McCully, Curtis Las Cumbres Observatory 2020A-0201 GEM-S GEM-SQ 3.13

Optical to IR Observations of the Next Kilonovae

Meech, Karen University of Hawaii 2020A-0175 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.35

Characterizing the Orbit of 2I/Borisov -- Searching for Non-gravitational Accelerations

Millar-Blanchaer, Max California Institute of Technology 2020A-0306 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.13

Clarifying the true nature of CS Cha b/B

Miller, Adam Northwestern University 2020A-0277 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.3

A Rapid Resonse to the Youngest ZTF Explosions

Molina, Mallory Montana State University 2020A-0134 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.65

Confirming the First Sample of Wandering Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies

Moskovitz, Nicholas Lowell Observattory 2020A-0165 CTIO SOAR 3

The Mission Accessible Near-Earth Object Survey (MANOS)

Muller-Sanchez, Francisco University of Memphis 2020A-0291 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.59

Dissecting AGN feedback: mapping the extraordinary energy-conserving outflow in the NLSy1 IRAS17020+4544 with GMOS IFU spectroscopy

Mura Guzman, Aldo Australian National University 2020A-0098 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.84

Constraining CEMP progenitor Nucleosynthesis Using Fluorine

Myles, Justin Stanford University 2020A-0290 KPNO WIYN 3

Enabling precision optical cluster cosmology with WIYN

MüLler, Oliver University of Strasbourg 2020A-0070 CTIO 4m 2

The complete Cen A dwarf galaxy survey

Narayan, Gautham University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 2020A-0263 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.4

We Catch on Fast: Probing the Early Rise of Exotic Transients with Gemini Spectroscopy

Nielsen, Eric Stanford University 2020A-0375 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.15

Orbits of Moving Group Binaries: Constraining the Ages of Planet-Hosting Moving Groups using GPI NRM, Zorro, 'Alopeke, and IGRINS

Nisak, Azmain Georgia State University 2020A-0351 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 5.5

Stellar Jitter at 50 Myr: Establishing Planet Detection Limits and Constraining Giant Planet Migration Theories

Nitta, Atsuko Gemini Observatory North 2020A-0154 GEM-N GEM-NQ 3

Towards better understanding of convection and neutrino production in stellar interior

Orton, Glenn Jet Propulsion Laboratory 2020A-0177 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.69

High-resolution 3-dimensional near-infrared mapping of Jupiter's evolving aerosol structure during the Juno mission PJ26-PJ28

Peng, Eric Peking University 2020A-0353 CTIO 4m 5

An H-alpha survey of the NGC 4636 galaxy group

Placco, Vinicius University of Notre Dame 2020A-0032 CTIO 4m 5

Identification of Low-Metallicity Stars from Narrow-Band Photometry

Prato, Lisa Lowell Observatory 2020A-0078 CTIO 4m 2

Is There Star Formation in the Aquila Rift?

Puzia, Thomas H. Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile 2020A-0287 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.56

The GeMS/GSAOI Galactic Globular Cluster Survey (G4CS)

Quinn, Sam Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2020A-0390 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 10

Characterization of TESS planet hosts with CHIRON

Rector, Travis University of Alaska Anchorage 2020A-0147 CTIO 4m 1

Astrolab Legacy Imaging

Rho, Jeonghee SETI Institute/NASA Ames Research Center 2020A-0211 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.92

A Campaign to Observe CO and Dust Formation in Nearby Core-Collapse Supernovae

Richardson, Noel Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 2020A-0054 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 3

eta Carinae 2020: The Best-Observed Periastron Passage Yet

Richardson, Noel Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 2020A-0227 GEM-N GEM-N-SVC 2.43

The Current Dusty Outburst of the Long-Period Binary WR125

Richey-Yowell, Tyler Arizona State University 2020A-0093 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 1.6

The K Dwarf Advantage: Assessing the Habitability of Planets Orbiting K Stars with HST UV and Ground-based Ca II and H(alpha)

Riffel, Rogemar Andre Johns Hopkins University 2020A-0037 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.36

Tracing Hot Molecular Outflows in Nearby Galaxies

Rodriguez, Joseph Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2020A-0131 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 4

Confirmation and Characterization of Dynamically Young Jupiters to Understand Giant Planet Migration

Roediger, Joel Herzberg Astronomy & Astrophysics Research Centre 2020A-0410 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.574

The formation epochs and timescales of dwarf galaxies in clusters

Roy, Arpita California Institute of Technology 2020A-0233 KPNO WIYNQ 1.5

Direct Detection of Reflected Light from 51 Pegasi b

Ryde, Nils Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics 2020A-0062 GEM-S GEM-SQ 3.23

Chemical Characterization of Giants in the Galactic Center

Salinas, Ricardo Gemini Observatory North 2020A-0090 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.67

Searching for multiple stellar populations in the only Galactic intermediate-age globular cluster

Sarotsakulchai, Thawicharat National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand 2020A-0397 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 3

The observations and investigations on active contact binaries

Sheppard, Scott Carnegie Institution of Washington 2020A-0394 CTIO 4m 3

A Uniform Survey for Extreme Trans-Neptunian Objects

Shporer, Avi Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2020A-0125 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 3

Radial Velocity Confirmation of TESS Warm Jupiter Candidates

Soraisam, Monika NOIRLab 2017A-0281 CTIO 4m 5

Time Domain Imaging of Archetypical Galaxies

Spolaor, Sarah West Virginia University 2020A-0285 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.8

Finding the hosts of localized FRBs

Stassun, Keivan Vanderbilt University 2020A-0270 GEM-N GEM-N-SVC 0.34

Detailed Chemical Abundances of Planet-hosting Wide Binaries

Stefansson, Gudmundur Pennsylvania State University 2020A-0392 KPNO WIYNQ 0.8

Rossiter-McLaughlin Measurements of the Young Neptune K2-100b

Tejos, Nicolas Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile 2020A-0239 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.5

Rapid Imaging and Spectroscopic Follow-up of Fast Radio Bursts

Tofflemire, Benjamin University of Texas, Austin 2020A-0321 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.85

The Empirical Mass-Radius Relation from 10 to 600 Myr

Treu, Tommaso University of California, Los Angeles 2020A-0235 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.66

A reverberation mapping black hole mass measurement at z=2.82

Troja, Eleonora University of Maryland 2020A-0295 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.96

Off-axis afterglows from compact binary mergers

Troja, Eleonora University of Maryland 2020A-0318 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.5

Mapping the diversity of neutron star mergers with rapid Gemini observations of short gamma-ray bursts

Vayner, Andrey Johns Hopkins University 2020A-0228 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.375

Extreme quasar feedback at the peak of the galaxy formation epoch

Venuti, Laura NASA Ames Research Center 2020A-0299 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.1

Early stellar multiplicity and protoplanetary disk dynamics in the Lagoon Nebula region

Vivas, Kathy NOIRLab 2020A-0058 CTIO 4m 4

Is Crater II disrupting?

Vos, Johanna American Museum of Natural History 2020A-0221 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.02

Mapping Atmospheric Structures in Brown Dwarfs

Vrijmoet, Eliot Halley Georgia State University 2020A-0382 CTIO SOAR 1.5

Orbital Architectures of M Dwarf Binaries

Wang, Luqian Georgia State University 2020A-0169 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 2.1

The physical properties of massive, rapidly-rotating Be stars with hot subdwarf companions

Wang, Sharon Xuesong Carnegie Institution for Science 2020A-0255 KPNO WIYNQ 3.7

RVxTESS: Characterizing Stellar Activity on M dwarfs with Simultaneous TESS and NEID Observations

Wang, Lifan Texas A & M University 2020A-0335 CTIO 4m 10

A Transient Survey with DECam and DESI

Weinberger, Alycia Carnegie Institution of Washington 2020A-0284 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.56

Studying Disk Evolution in Upper Scorpius

Winkler, P Frank Middlebury College 2020A-0160 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.58

Velocity Broadening for a Large Sample of M83 Supernova Remnants

Winters, Jennifer Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2020A-0174 GEM-N GEM-NQ 2.15

Searching the Nearby M Dwarfs for Stellar Companions at Solar System Separations

Wold, Isak NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 2020A-0204 GEM-N GEM-NQ 3.5

Was Reionization Inhomogeneous at Redshift 7?

Wong, Ian Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2020A-0194 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 3

Exploring the desert: Precise radial velocity confirmation of TESS sub- Saturn candidates

Wong, Michael University of California, Berkeley 2020A-0309 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.75

Time-Critical M-band Mapping of Jupiter --- Synergy with Juno, Hubble, VLA, Keck, and IRTF

Woodward, Chick University of Minnesota 2020A-0018 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.24

The Late Epoch Evolution of Two Unusual Novae: V1047Cen and V3890Sgr

Wu, Ya-Lin University of Texas, Austin 2020A-0243 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.34

Variability of Mass Accretion onto a Planet-mass Companion

Yang, Jinyi University of Arizona 2020A-0289 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.25

Exploring Reionization-era Quasars: A Complete Near-IR Spectroscopic Survey of z>~6.5 Quasar Sample

Zenteno, Alfredo NOIRLab 2020A-0399 CTIO 4m 19


Zhou, George Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2020A-0076 CTIO 1.5m-SVC 5

Hunting for planets around early-type stars via TESS


Approved Indiana Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Carr, David Indiana University 2020A-0430 KPNO WIYN 10.5

SFACT: A New Deep Narrow-Band Imaging Survey with WIYN

Deliyannis, Constantine Indiana University 2020A-0437 KPNO WIYN 7

Stellar Physics via Li in M67, NGC 2158, M41, and NGC 2194

Pilachowski, Catherine Indiana University 2020A-0422 KPNO WIYN 4

IR Color Gradients in Milky Way Globular Clusters

Smith, Nick Indiana University 2020A-0436 KPNO WIYN 5

WIYN ODI Imaging of Ultracompact High-Velocity Clouds and Almost-Dark Galaxies from ALFALFA

van Zee, Liese Indiana University 2020A-0417 KPNO WIYN 7.5

Ionized Gas Kinematics and the Chemical Evolution of Nearby Galaxies


Approved Missouri Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Yan, Haojing University of Missouri, Columbia 2020A-0441 KPNO WIYN 7.5

Missouri WIYN Survey with ODI and WHIRC


Approved Penn State Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Canas, Caleb Pennsylvania State University 2020A-0426 KPNO WIYNQ 1.2

Probing the FGK dwarf exoplanet Mass-Radius Relationship with NEID

Canas, Caleb Pennsylvania State University 2020A-0428 KPNO WIYNQ 1.3

Precise mass of a statistically validated, transiting mini-Neptune

Dong, Jiayin Pennsylvania State University 2020A-0442 KPNO WIYNQ 0.5

Radial Velocity Follow-Up of Warm, Large Exoplanets (WaLEs): Testing Origins Theories with a Multi-Faceted Views of Planetary Systems

Gupta, Arvind Pennsylvania State University 2020A-0433 KPNO WIYNQ 1

TESS False Positive Vetting with NESSI

Gupta, Arvind Pennsylvania State University 2020A-0434 KPNO WIYNQ 1.93

Vetting and Validation of TESS Single-Transit Events

Kanodia, Shubham Pennsylvania State University 2020A-0429 KPNO WIYNQ 1.5

Exploring the M dwarf exoplanet Mass-Radius Relationship with NEID

Reyes, Alan Pennsylvania State University 2020A-0444 KPNO WIYNQ 0.4

Verifying Long-Period Companions to Kepler's Compact High Multiplicity Systems

Roy, Arpita California Institute of Technology 2020A-0432 KPNO WIYNQ 0.5

Direct Detection of Reflected Light from 51 Pegasi b

Stefansson, Gudmundur Pennsylvania State University 2020A-0431 KPNO WIYNQ 0.8

Rossiter-McLaughlin Measurements of the Young Neptune K2-100b

Wright, Jason Pennsylvania State University 2020A-0445 KPNO WIYNQ 6.87

Casting our NETS: the NEID Earth Twin Survey


Approved Purdue Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Lee, Kyoung-Soo Purdue University 2020A-0423 KPNO WIYN 3

First Comprehensive Characterization of Ly(alpha) Escape Fraction

Milisavljevic, Danny Purdue University 2020A-0424 KPNO WIYNQ 1

NEID High Resolution Spectroscopy of Transients

Peterson, John Purdue University 2020A-0312 KPNO WIYN 1

Weak Lensing in Clusters of Galaxies with PhoSim


Approved Wisconsin Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Davis, Julie University of Wisconsin Madison 2020A-0435 KPNO WIYN 1.5

Ionized Gas Kinematics in MeerKAT HI Galaxies 2

Jones, Logan University of Wisconsin, Madison 2020A-0438 KPNO WIYN 4

Redshift Survey for Extreme Emission-line Galaxies

Kotulla, Ralf University of Wisconsin, Madison 2020A-0439 KPNO WIYN 6

Galaxies growing up: From fields to groups to clusters

Nine, Andrew University of Wisconsin, Madison 2020A-0421 KPNO WIYN 10.5

A Study of Binary Populations and Alternative Pathways of Stellar Evolution in Open Clusters

Nine, Andrew University of Wisconsin, Madison 2020A-0440 KPNO WIYNQ 1

An Exploration of NEID Spectra for the Study of Alternative Pathways of Stellar Evolution in Open Clusters

Timbie, Peter University of Wisconsin, Madison 2020A-0446 KPNO WIYN 3

A Spectroscopic Galaxy Redshift Survey Near the NCP


Approved Testing and Engineering Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Mahadevan, Suvrath Pennsylvania State University 2020A-2001 KPNO WIYN 23.5

NEID Science Commissioning

Schweiker, Heidi WIYN Observatory 2020A-0914 KPNO WIYN 4.5


Schweiker, Heidi WIYN Observatory 2020A-0915 KPNO WIYN 3.5


Schweiker, Heidi WIYN Observatory 2020A-2003 KPNO WIYN 9

NEID Port Commissioning


Approved Testing and Engineering Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Mould, Jeremy Swinburne University of Technology 2020A-0913 CTIO 4m 5

Microlensing detection of primordial black holes

Programs: 178
Nights: 503.286

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