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NOAO Approved Programs for 2019A

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Programs: 113
Nights: 543.84
Approved NOAO Survey Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Drlica-Wagner, Alex Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 2019A-0305 CTIO 4m 22

DECam Dwarf Galaxy Survey

Finn, Rose Siena College 2019A-0224 KPNO 0.9m 20

Halpha Imaging of Virgo Filament Galaxies

Hardegree-Ullman, Kevin California Institute of Technology--IPAC 2019A-0364 CTIO SOAR 5

Atmospheric Survey of Giant Exoplanets Discovered by TESS

Hartigan, Patrick Rice University 2019A-0101 CTIO 4m 21

The Carina Time-Series Deep Field

Hartigan, Patrick Rice University 2019A-0101 CTIO SOAR 3

The Carina Time-Series Deep Field

Penny, Matthew Ohio State University 2019A-0315 CTIO 4m 3

Multi-band Imaging Survey for High-Alpha PlanetS (MISHAPS): Surveying the demographics of transiting hot Jupiters in the alpha-rich Galactic bulge

Schlegel, David Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2014B-0404 CTIO 4m 7

The DECam Legacy Survey of the SDSS Equatorial Sky

Trilling, David Northern Arizona University 2019A-0337 CTIO 4m 8.5

The Deep DECam Outer Solar System Survey (DDOSSS)

Zenteno, Alfredo Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory 2019A-0272 CTIO 4m 9



Approved Chandra Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Zepf, Steve Michigan State University 2018B-0927 CTIO SOAR 1

The Nature of the Two Globular Cluster ULXs in the Galaxy NGC 4472


Approved Long Term Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Bechtol, Keith Large Synoptic Survey Telescope 2018A-0242 CTIO 4m 6

Magellanic Satellites Survey: The Search for Hierarchical Structures within the Local Group (Phase 2)

Burgasser, Adam University of California, San Diego 2017A-0141 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.154

Mass Measurements Across the Hydrogen Burning Limit: Astrometric Orbits for Spectral Binaries (Northern Sample)

Dawson, William Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2018A-0273 CTIO 4m 6

PALS: Paralensing Survey of Intermediate Mass Black Holes

Macri, Lucas Texas A & M University 2019A-0247 CTIO SOAR 5

Cosmography of the innermost Zone of Avoidance with the 2MASS Redshift Survey

Malhotra, Sangeeta NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 2018B-0327 CTIO 4m 5

Lyman Alpha Galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization

Moskovitz, Nicholas Lowell Observatory 2017B-0111 CTIO SOAR 6

The Mission Accessible Near-Earth Object Survey (MANOS)

Rest, Armin Space Telescope Science Institute 2018A-0369 CTIO 4m 1.5

Light Echoes of the Crab Supernova (SN 1054)

Rest, Armin Space Telescope Science Institute 2018B-0122 CTIO 4m 4.5

Photometric Time Series of Carinae's Great Eruption

Tokovinin, Andrei National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2018A-0004 CTIO SOAR 2

Dynamics of resolved triple systems and ``fast'' binaries

Treu, Tommaso University of California, Los Angeles 2017A-0190 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.88

A reverberation mapping black hole mass measurement at z=2.82

Wong, Michael University of California, Berkeley 2018A-0139 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.704

Time-Critical M-band Mapping of Jupiter --- Synergy with Juno, Hubble, VLA, Keck, and IRTF


Approved Regular Programs

PI Institution Prop. ID Site Tel. Nts.

Proposal Title

Agueros, Marcel Columbia University 2019A-0234 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.2

Monitoring H-alpha and TiO Emission of M Dwarfs in the TESS Southern Continuous Viewing Zone

Barlow, Brad High Point University 2019A-0255 CTIO SOAR 4

The EREBOS Project: Determining the Influence of Substellar Objects on Stellar Evolution

Battisti, Andrew Australian National University 2018B-0140 KPNO WIYN 2

Sweeping Away the Dust: Understanding Attenuation up to the Peak of Cosmic Star Formation

Bezanson, Rachel University of Pittsburgh 2019A-0164 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1

The Morphological Transformation as Revealed by Age Gradients and Rotational Support in Post-starburst Galaxies at z~0.6

Bianconi, Matteo University of Birmingham 2019A-0125 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.1

GMOS Discovery of Kilonova Counterparts to Strongly-lensed Binary Neutron Star (NS-NS) and Neutron Star- Black Hole (NS-BH) Mergers in LIGO/Virgo’s Third Observing Run (O3)

Blanchard, Peter Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2019A-0303 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.98

Chasing Superluminous Supernovae into the Nebular Phase

Bouy, Herve University of Bordeaux 2019A-0060 CTIO 4m 2

Complementing Gaia from the ground: the COSMIC-DANCE survey

Burgasser, Adam University of California, San Diego 2019A-0182 GEM-N GEM-NQ 2.87

Completing the Local Census of VLM Dwarfs with Gaia-selected Sources

Cann, Jenna George Mason University 2019A-0123 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.2

NIR coronal line ratios as a mass estimator for intermediate-mass black holes

Casares, Jorge Instituto de Astrofisica de Caanarias (IAC) 2019A-0169 CTIO 4m 2

A feasibilty test of crowded field photometry for a new BH survey strategy

Casetti, Dana Southern Connecticut State University 2019A-0194 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.94

Measuring Internal Motions of Globular Cluster Cores with 'Alopeke

Colon, Knicole NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 2019A-0233 KPNO WIYN 8

Characterizing K2 and TESS Exoplanets with Near-Infrared Transit Photometry

Currie, Thayne National Astronomical Observatory of Japan 2019A-0331 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.38

Confirming and Characterizing Infant Protoplanets around HD 100546

de Kleer, Katherine California Institute of Technology--Division of Geological and Planetary Science 2019A-0040 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.65

The Impact of Io's Volcanism on Jupiter's Plasma Environment

De Rosa, Robert Stanford University 2019A-0219 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.9

A Targeted Search to Discover Substellar Companions with GPI and Gaia

Debes, John Space Telescope Science Institute 2019A-0110 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.94

Determining the mass of a new, rare eclipsing white dwarf-brown dwarf system

Dell'Antonio, Ian Brown University 2018A-0276 KPNO WIYN 3

Mapping dark matter in Nearby Galaxy Clusters

Dennihy, Erik Gemini Observatory North 2019A-0104 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.74

Probing for planetesimals closely orbiting white dwarfs

Douglas, Stephanie Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2019A-0257 GEM-S GEM-S-SVC 3.2

Connecting stellar rotation and multiplicity at the ZAMS with TESS and Gemini

Dupree, Andrea Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2019A-0089 GEM-S GEM-S-SVC 1.67

Direct Measure of Helium in NGC 2808

Dupuy, Trent Gemini Observatory North 2019A-0180 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.89

Improved Calibration of M Dwarf Fundamental Parameters with Alopeke

Esplin, Taran University of Arizona 2019A-0053 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.06

Searching for the Least-massive Brown Dwarfs in Chamaeleon I

Fan, Xiaohui University of Arizona 2019A-0218 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.37

Probing Cosmic Reionization and Super-Massive Black Hole Growth with Newly Discovered z~7 Quasars

Finkbeiner, Douglas Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2019A-0265 CTIO 4m 8

Mapping Dust in 3D with DECam: A Galactic Plane Survey

Foley, Ryan University of California, Santa Cruz 2019A-0289 CTIO SOAR 6

Young Supernova Experiment

Fong, Wen-fai Northwestern University 2019A-0267 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.505

Probing the Properties of Neutron Star Mergers: Rapid Observations of Short Gamma-ray Bursts

Fox, Andrew Space Telescope Science Institute 2019A-0193 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.16

Molecular Gas in the Galactic Center Outflow

Gelino, Christopher California Institute of Technology--IPAC 2019A-0170 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.54

Determining the low-mass cutoff for star formation

Giles, Rohini Jet Propulsion Laboratory 2019A-0046 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.53

High-resolution mapping of Jupiter's clouds in the near infrared: support for the Juno mission PJ18-PJ21

Gosnell, Natalie Colorado College 2019A-0261 KPNO WIYN 2

Clusters with K2: systematics from membership and binarity

Graykowski, Ariel University of California, Los Angeles 2019A-0317 KPNO 0.9m 5

Astrometry of Long-Period Comets and Cometary Fragmentation Investigation

Guenther, Hans Moritz Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2019A-0142 GEM-S GEM-S-SVC 0.5

A Contemporaneous Multiwavelength Campaign to Characterize Accretion on the Surface of TW Hya

Hartman, Zachary Georgia State University 2019A-0301 KPNO WIYNQ 4

Characterizing the Components of Wide Binaries as Potential Exoplanet Hosting Stars

Hartman, Zachary Georgia State University 2019A-0302 KPNO WIYN 3

Looking for Higher Order Multiples in M+M and Halo Wide Binaries

Homan, Jeroen Eureka Scientific 2019A-0181 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.4

Winds and jets in GX 13+1: a multi-wavelength campaign

Howell, Steve NASA Ames Research Center 2019A-0016 KPNO WIYNQ 5

K2 and TESS Exoplanet Validation and Characterization: Small Planets and Host Systems

Howell, Steve NASA Ames Research Center 2019A-0047 GEM-S GEM-S-SVC 11

K2 and TESS Exoplanet Validation and Characterization: Small, Rocky Planets, Host Star Systems and Zorro Commissioning

Hung, Tzu-Yu University of California, Santa Cruz 2019A-0268 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.02

Early spectroscopic evolution of tidal disruption events

Hwang, Hsiang-Chih Johns Hopkins University 2019A-0252 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.41

The mysterious infrared emitter around a white dwarf

Hynes, Robert Louisiana State University 2019A-0284 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.41

The Hidden Population of Galactic Bulge Symbiotics Revealed in X-rays

Kartaltepe, Jeyhan Rochester Institute of Technology 2019A-0198 GEM-S GEM-SQ 3.87

The Role of Galaxy Mergers and Interactions Over Cosmic Time

Khatu, Viraja University of Western Ontario 2019A-0209 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.54

Mapping the Accretion Disk and Broad Line Region of the Super-Eddington Active Galactic Nucleus Mrk 142

Kilic, Mukremin University of Oklahoma, Norman 2019A-0134 CTIO SOAR 4

A Unique Opportunity to Identify Short Period Binary White Dwarfs in the Gaia Era

Kilpatrick, Charles University of California, Santa Cruz 2019A-0281 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.3

Identifying the Progenitors of Astrophysical Transients

Knight, Matthew University of Maryland 2019A-0187 CTIO SOAR 1

Roasting small bodies: Testing the effects of low perihelion distance on comets and asteroids

Kosakowski, Alek University of Oklahoma, Norman 2019A-0131 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.35

A Detached, Eclipsing 40 Min Period Double White Dwarf Binary

KPED Team, 2019A-0919 KPNO 2.1m 181


Kumar, Sahana Florida State University 2019A-0172 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.69

Understanding the origins of Type Ia Supernovae through nebular phase near-infrared spectroscopy

Labadie-Bartz, Jonathan University of Delaware 2019A-0274 GEM-N GEM-N-SVC 0.13

Weighing and classifying the exotic massive Beta Cephei pulsator + hot evolved companion eclipsing binary

Labrie, Kathleen Gemini Observatory North 2019A-0069 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.46

Microimaging the Inner Regions of Quasars

Liu, Xin University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 2019A-0099 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.32

Radial Velocity Test for Sub-parsec Binary Supermassive Black Holes: Continued Spectroscopic Monitoring of Strong Candidates

Luhman, Kevin Pennsylvania State University 2019A-0086 GEM-N GEM-NQ 3.29

Toward a Complete Census of Brown Dwarfs in Upper Sco

Luhman, Kevin Pennsylvania State University 2019A-0127 CTIO 4m 6

Toward a Complete Census of Stars in Upper Scorpius

Martinez, Clara Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory 2019A-0325 CTIO 4m 4

Towards an homogeneous distance scale using DECam filters

McCully, Curtis Las Cumbres Observatory 2019A-0217 GEM-S GEM-SQ 3.04

Optical to IR Observations of the Next Kilonovae

Meech, Karen University of Hawaii 2019A-0228 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.11

2I – Characterizing the Second Interstellar Object

Melis, Carl University of California, San Diego 2019A-0291 GEM-S GEM-SQ 5.39

Gemini-South Polluted White Dwarf Survey

Mendez, Rene A. Universidad de Chile 2019A-0051 GEM-S GEM-S-SVC 0.29


Merritt, Rachael Georgia State University 2019A-0077 KPNO WIYN 2

The Host Galaxies of Reverberation-Mapped AGNs in the Near-Infrared

Milisavljevic, Danny Purdue University 2019A-0215 GEM-N GEM-N-SVC 0.5

Variable Diffuse Interstellar Bands

Morris, Patrick California Institute of Technology--IPAC 2019A-0160 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.79

Pre-Main Sequence Clusters Around Wolf-Rayet Stars

Moskovitz, Nicholas Lowell Observatory 2019A-0128 GEM-S GEM-SQ 4

The Mission Accessible Near-Earth Object Survey (MANOS)

Nielsen, Eric Stanford University 2019A-0298 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.802

Orbits of Moving Group Binaries: Constraining the Ages of Planet-Hosting Moving Groups using GPI NRM, DSSI, and 'Alopeke

Nitta, Atsuko Gemini Observatory North 2019A-0136 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.65

White dwarf stars as tracers of stellar, galactic, and planetary evolution

Nitta, Atsuko Gemini Observatory North 2019A-0195 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.05

Towards better understanding of convection and neutrino production in stellar interior

patience, Jennifer Arizona State University 2019A-0318 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.3

Completing a Survey for Resolved Debris Disks in the Sco-Cen Association

Puzia, Thomas H. Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile 2019A-0244 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.2

The Structure and Stellar Populations of the Milky Way Nuclear Star Cluster seen by GeMS/GSAOI

Robinson, Andrew Rochester Institute of Technology 2019A-0259 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.22

Study of the gas kinematics and optical classification of OH Megamaser Galaxies

Schambeau, Charles University of Central Florida 2019A-0095 KPNO 0.9m 14

Characterizing the Activity and Behavior of Comets in the Centaur-to- Jupiter Family Transition

Schindler, Jan-Torge University of Arizona 2019A-0058 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.08

Weighing the most massive accreting black holes at Cosmic Noon

Schlaufman, Kevin Johns Hopkins University 2019A-0186 GEM-N GEM-NQ 2.5

An All-Sky Search for the Brightest Metal-poor Stars

Schmidt, Carl Boston University 2019A-0223 KPNO WIYN 2

Confirming a High Velocity Exo-Exosphere at HD 80606b

Sheppard, Scott Carnegie Institution of Washington 2019A-0332 CTIO 4m 2

Extreme Trans-Neptunian Objects: Making a More Uniform Survey

Smith, J Allyn Austin Peay State University 2018B-0095 CTIO SOAR 1

Targeted Samples of the Hot Stellar Content in the Southern Sky

Smith, Verne National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2019A-0334 KPNO WIYN 8.5

Accurate Stellar Characterization for Kepler and Kepler Extended Mission (K2) Exoplanet Host Stars and Prototyping TESS Follow-up

Sonnett, Sarah Planetary Science Institute 2019A-0145 KPNO 0.9m 6

Investigating Solar System History through Binary Trojan and Hilda Asteroids

Soraisam, Monika National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2017A-0281 CTIO 4m 10

Time Domain Imaging of Archetypical Galaxies

Spolaor, Sarah West Virginia University 2019A-0258 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.5

Seeking the hosts of the first localized FRBs

Stahl, Asa Rice University 2019A-0292 GEM-S GEM-S-SVC 2.5

Two T-Tauri Stars With Potential Embedded Companions

Stroe, Andra European Southern Observatory 2019A-0054 GEM-N GEM-NQ 0.35

Understanding the dichotomy in the radio galaxy population

Terreran, Giacomo Northwestern University 2019A-0126 CTIO SOAR 4

The turbulent end of massive stars

Thomas, David Stanford University 2019A-0345 CTIO 4m 0.5

Probing Short Duration Stellar Variability with Star Trail Images of Four K2 Fields

Tremonti, Christy University of Wisconsin, Madison 2019A-0342 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.82

Measuring the Mass Outflow Rates of Compact Massive Starbursts

Troja, Eleonora University of Maryland 2019A-0130 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.505

Mapping the diversity of neutron star mergers with rapid Gemini observations of short gamma-ray bursts

Troja, Eleonora University of Maryland 2019A-0144 GEM-S GEM-SQ 0.43

Off-axis afterglows from compact binary mergers

Waniak, Waclaw Jagiellonian University in Krakow 2019A-0341 GEM-S GEM-SQ 1.6

Origin end evolution of the first known binary main belt comet 288P/300163

Watkins, Aaron University of Oulu 2019A-0121 KPNO WIYN 4

Circumgalactic ionized gas around the Whirlpool: shock heated outflow or AGN-photoionized ejecta?

Winkler, P Frank Middlebury College 2019A-0278 GEM-S GEM-SQ 2.34

Velocity Broadening in M83 Supernova Remnants

Winters, Jennifer Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2019A-0163 GEM-S GEM-S-SVC 2

Searching the Nearby M Dwarfs for Stellar Companions at Solar System Scales

Winters, Jennifer Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 2019A-0207 KPNO WIYNQ 1.5

Searching the Nearby M Dwarfs for Stellar Companions at Solar System Scales

Wong, Michael University of California, Berkeley 2019A-0316 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1.62

Time-Critical M-band Mapping of Jupiter --- Synergy with Juno, Hubble, VLA, Keck, and IRTF

Xu, Siyi Gemini Observatory North 2019A-0070 GEM-N GEM-NQ 1

The Gaia View of Dust Disks around White Dwarfs

Ziegler, Carl University of Toronto 2019A-0132 CTIO SOAR 4

Death Stars? Understanding how tight binaries effect TESS planets with SOAR speckle imaging

Programs: 113
Nights: 543.84

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