The First Workshop on the O/IR Ground-based System

Phoenix, AZ -- October 27-28, 2000

Workshop Report (456Kb PDF)


As a result of the recommendation of the recent AASC decadal review, we are organizing a community workshop to begin exploring the ways that publicly and privately funded observatories and institutions can work together with the goal of keeping our suite of capabilities relevant, cutting-edge, and competitive over the next decade. This workshop will be a discussion of the elements of the O/IR ground-based system and science-based needs for the next decade.

We are planning for participation by 50 invited guests and an additional 50 drawn from responses to this community-wide announcement.

The workshop will be held October 27 and 28 (Friday and Saturday) at a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. Please respond via email or telephone about your interest in participating, and with any questions or comments:

Todd Boroson
(520) 318-8352

for The Organizing Committee:

Workshop Report (456Kb PDF)

[Announcement] - [Workshop Description] - [O/IR System Elements] - [Draft Agenda] -
[Workshop Participants] - [ What is the O/IR System and why are we talking about its evolution?]

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