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Community Access to the 6.5-m Magellan Telescopes at Las Campanas Observatory

As a result of awards made in the NSF's Telescope System Instrumentation Program (TSIP), observing time has been allocated to the astronomical community on the 6.5-meter Magellan telescopes at Las Campanas Observatory.

Current Status

The most recent agreement expired with the 2011A proposal cycle, and no time will be available in 2012B. If access resumes under a new agreement, it will be announced in the NOAO newsletter and on this web page.


When community access has been available, all current facility instruments were offered. The Magellan Project collaborators maintain instrument pages on their website, including links to instrument manuals, ETCs, etc.

Applying for Time

Time was awarded through the usual NOAO proposal process, with the same proposal form, policies, and due dates as for other NOAO-coordinated facilities.

Investigators may request telescope time on any combination of facilities available through NOAO, including Magellan, in a single proposal.

Procedures and forms for applying for telescope time can be found at

Additional Information

Dave Bell serves as NOAO contact for investigators with questions regarding community access to the Magellan telescopes and proposal preparation. You may reach him by sending email to

Observers should review the Las Campanas Visiting Observer Guide and the Magellan homepage for forms, information, and procedures related to their observing runs.

All data obtained under this program may be placed in NOAO's data archives and made publicly available under the same ground rules as data obtained at NOAO telescopes.

Any publication that results from TSIP-allocated time on the Magellan telescopes should acknowledge the NSF TSIP program, in addition to Magellan acknowledgments. The requested wording for TSIP acknowledgments is:

"Magellan telescope time was granted by NOAO, through the Telescope System Instrumentation Program (TSIP). TSIP is funded by NSF."

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Last updated: Feb 27 2012

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