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Community Access to the Large Binocular Telescope

As a result of an award through the Telescope System Instrumentation Program (TSIP), observing time is being allocated to the NOAO community on the Large Binocular Telescope. A total of 39 nights are being allocated over five semesters starting in 2017B.

Time available in 2018A

Community access will continue in the 2018A semester during which eight nights of service observations will be available. Time should be requested in integral multiples of 0.5 nights. Any scientist may propose without regard to nationality or preferred access through other channels.


Please refer to the LBTO Proposal Submission Page for current status and availability. Only those instruments and modes labeled as being available for "NOAO/TSIP" may be requested.

Applying for Time

All proposals for NOAO/TSIP time at the Large Binocular Telescope Observatory (LBTO) must use the LBTO Phase-I Tool (PIT). The LBTO PIT is based on the PIT developed by Gemini Observatory and will be familiar to any PIs that have requested Gemini time in the past. It is a downloadable Java application that runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms.

As has been the case for Gemini proposals, all NOAO/TSIP LBTO PIT requests should include a title and abstract and include the principal investigator and all co-investigators as part of the PIT submission. In most cases, all targets and observations should also be fully characterized and included in PIT. Projects with targets that are unknown at the time of submission should include one or more example targets. Projects that have a very large number of potential targets do not need to list all of them in the proposal, but may include a representative subsample.

The scientific and technical justifications and other "essay" questions are to be included in a "PDF" attachment. Please download either the Word or LaTeX versions of the NOAO LBTO PIT templates.

Time will be awarded through the usual NOAO proposal process, with the same policies and due dates as for other NOAO-coordinated facilities.

Proposals will be reviewed by the NOAO TAC, and those approved will be forwarded to LBTO for scheduling. Notifications of awarded time will be sent in conjunction with those for other NOAO-coordinated facilities.

Additional Information

For questions regarding community access to the LBT and proposal preparation, please send email to For instrumentation questions (only), you may also contact the LBTO Science Operations Team at

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