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Community Access to the 3.9-m Anglo-Australian Telescope

As a result of a time-exchange initiated between NOAO/CTIO and the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO), observing time is being allocated to the NOAO community on the 3.9-m Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT). The agreement is expected to continue indefinitely at a rate of 10 nights/year.

Time available in 2018A

Community access will continue in the 2018A semester during which five classically-scheduled nights will be available. Any scientist may propose without regard to nationality or preferred access through other channels.


Please refer to the AAO instrument status page for current status and availability.

Please see the AAO policy page for Visitor Instruments. All requests for visiting instruments must be approved by the AAO Director before applying for observing time.

AAO maintains instrument pages on their website, including links to instrument manuals, etc. Please also check their page with observing information.

Applying for Time

Time will be awarded through the usual NOAO proposal process, with the same proposal form, policies, and due dates as for other NOAO-coordinated facilities.

Proposals will be reviewed by the NOAO TAC, and those approved will be forwarded to AAO for scheduling. Notifications of awarded time will be sent in conjunction with those for other NOAO-coordinated facilities.

Procedures and forms for applying for telescope time can be found at

Additional Information

For questions regarding community access to the AAT and proposal preparation, please send email to For instrumentation questions (only), you may also directly contact the appropriate AAO Instrument Scientists.

All data obtained under this program may be placed in NOAO's data archives and made publicly available under the same ground rules as data obtained at NOAO telescopes.

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