Shortcuts for Confident Users

The star cache program is written with a number of "shortcuts" to speed up operations once you have mastered the basics. These include:

  1. . "Double click" the mouse on a star cache name to select and open it. A listing of the cache will immediately appear in the display portion of the window.
  2. . Double click the mouse on a star in the display portion of the star cache window, and that star will appear in the "selected" portion of the window and the coordinates will be sent to the box for the "next" star in the main control window.
  3. . Typing the "F3" function key on the terminal will cause the program to search for an Almanac bright star near the one currently "selected" in the star cache window. The F5 key will search the currently selected cache for stars near the selected position.
  4. . In all of the star cache subwindows, typing "shift/carriage return" at the last text entry will send it off to do whatever you have asked.
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