Problems and Possible Solutions

What If My Star Is Not There?

... If you aren't experienced at this, call a TA!

What Else Could Go Wrong?

We don't have a lot of experience yet with the new control system so it is hard to predict what might go wrong. Of course, we've tried to identify all the bugs we can, and fix them. But one problem that occurs occasionally is that the star cache window will suddenly disappear. You can get the window back by moving the mouse to a blank portion of the screen and holding down the RIGHT mouse button. Slide the mouse down until the "programs" line is highlighted. Slide the mouse to the right until the programs submenu opens, then drag the mouse down to highlight the program you need to reopen. "X TCS Tool" is the main control window, "X Star Cache Tool" is the star cache window, and "Feed Emulator" is the command line interface. Release the right mouse button, and the window should reappear.


The TCP computer (Iris) can be restarted using the "restart" button in the "Systems" window, but only if the link is working. The "test link" button will tell you if the link is working. If the link isn't working, try reopening the link with the "open link" button in the "Systems" window. If Iris and the link are no longer responding, Iris can be restarted with a real button on the front of the Heurikon box in the computer room downstairs. Ask a TA! Restarting Iris takes about a minute, either way. After restarting Iris, you must open the "open/stow" window and click the mouse on the "open" button. Please let us know if you encounter circumstances requiring you to restart Iris.

If things don't seem to be working, check the message portions of the windows. Error messages from the telescope may also appear at the bottom of the VDU screen. We would also appreciate knowing, as best you can remember, what was going on when something went wrong.

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