Typical Observing Procedure

Once the telescope is up and running, a typical observing procedure might be as follows:
  1. . While the CCD is integrating, select the next object to be observed from one of the star caches available in the star cache window. Send the star to the "next" box in the main telescope control window with the "send next" button.
  2. . When the CCD begins to read out, make sure the "next" box in the telescope control window is active, and click the mouse on the "go there" button in the telescope control window. The guider will turn off automatically when the "go there" button is clicked.
  3. . When the slew is complete, center the star up on the slit with the handpaddle.
  4. . Click the mouse on the "guider" button to turn the guider on.
  5. . When the CCD readout is complete, start the next integration.
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