Using the On-Line Help

In the main telescope control window is a button labeled "Help." Clicking the mouse on this button will open a new window giving access to several screens of information describing the control system and how to use it. On the right side of the window is a list of topics. Click the left mouse button on the one you want to read, and the text will appear in the window. Of particular value are the texts for "Mouse Basics", "Using the Mouse", and "The Main Window". On the far right side of the window is a scrollbar to move within the text. Click the left mouse button on the downward pointing arrow to move down the text. Use the "close" button at the bottom to exit this window. Note that the "help" files are not yet complete - we're working on it!

A second form of on-line help is available using the "Help" or "F1" key on your keyboard. Position the mouse pointer on the item about which you want more information, and type the key. If further information is available, it will be shown in the new window that opens up. To close this help window, click the left mouse button while the pointer is on the "push-pin" in the upper left corner of the window.

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