Setting Wavelength or Encoder Value

Enter the specific wavelength or encoder value (according to the "kind" specified to the left of this button) at which you want to work. Click SELECT on the line to enter a value for the position. Wavelengths should be entered in Angstroms, and encoder positions in degrees. Note that the old control program used units of 1/100 degree, so you will need to divide old encoder values by 100. Encoder values should be less than 1000.00, with a decimal point and two decimal places. Wavelengths should be greater than 1000.

Also be sure to check before moving the grating that the normal to the grating is pointing on the same side of the collimator as the camera you are using. The grating encoder does not have enough steps to cover both cameras, and we have to help it along by presetting the grating manually to the correct quadrant.