The Command Line Interface

If you prefer to use a command line interface rather than a graphical interface, move the mouse to a blank por- tion of the screen and hold down the RIGHT mouse button. Slide the mouse down until "programs" is highlighted, and then drag the mouse to the right to open the programs sub- menu. Slide the mouse down until "Feed Emulator" is highlighted, and then release the mouse button. A new win- dow will open within which you can type commands. You must then type the command "tinit" in command line window to get the telescope initialized. This can be done while you are already observing. We alert you that this emulator program is not yet fully tested. The command line interface is NOT integrated with the main telescope control window, so the commands you type will not show up in that display.

The command line interface uses the same commands we have all grown to know and love at the feed over the last several years (robject, bstar, rff, preset, gon, stow, etc.). These commands are documented in the coude feed manual and in the old control system manual available in the control room.