Using the Mouse

Most interactions with Xccs consist of clicking SELECT on buttons in various Xccs windows and pop-up windows.

There are two types of buttons in Xccs: rectangular buttons and oval buttons.

Oval Buttons

Description of Oval Buttons was here.

Rectangular Buttons

Description of Rectangular Buttons was here.


Likewise, scrollbars got a going over in this section.

Using Pop-up Windows and Pull-down Menus

Xccs uses pop-up windows, and pull-down menus that contain commands and settings. The following describes how to display menus and pop-up windows and choose commands or change settings.

Pull-down Menus Pull-down menus are available in oval buttons which have a downward pointing arrow in the right half of the button. An example is the "Set Values" button in the main Xccs window. You display pull-down menus with the mouse. Here's how:

If you want to change the default choice for a menu, hold down <Ctrl> while you choose the item you want.

Menu items can contain indicators that show what each menu item will do.

Pop-up Windows

More info, this time about Pop-up Windows.