The Grating Control Window

The grating popup window is the interface to the control and selection of gratings. In the grating window you can: Additionally, the current position of the grating is shown in the upper right of this window in both wavelength and encoder units. The dispersion is also shown in angstroms/millimeter.


Setting the Grating, Camera, and Collimator

The gratings, cameras, and collimators choices are grouped together under their respective headings in the upper part of the grating window. Only one choice for each item can be selected at a time. The current choice is shown with a green background.

To Set a Grating, Camera, or Collimator

Setting the Order and Position

Once the grating, camera, and collimator are set, you can set its order and position. There are text items in the grating window where the order and position values are entered. Typically, the order and position are entered together, but you can also just change the order.

To set only the order

You can enter positions in either encoder units or wavelength units.

*To Set the Position and Order