Mouse Basics

In Xccs, you'll use the mouse for many basic operations. Here are some definitions for terms that are used in describing the mouse and its use. These terms are used throughout the help system.

The Mouse

The mouse is the small box with three buttons attached to the NCD terminal. It is typically found to the right of the terminal. The mouse with the NCD terminal does not require a special pad-the desktop works fine.

The Pointer

The pointer allows you to interact and operate the Coude Feed through the Xccs graphical user interface.

The pointer is the indicator on the screen that shows the current location for mouse activities. When you move the mouse on the mouse pad, the pointer moves on the screen. The pointer shape is the shape of an arrow.

The Mouse Buttons

Help assumes the use of a right-handed mouse, with the mouse buttons in the sequence SELECT, ADJUST, and MENU, from left to right.
Left Button or SELECT
SELECT Button Selects items on pop-up windows, chooses default menu items, and selects GUI items in the main TCS window.

Middle Button or ADJUST
ADJUST Button The adjust button is not used in the TCS GUI.

Right Button or MENU
MENU Button Displays menus, submenus, and pop-up menus, and chooses items from menus.

Mouse Button Activities

Standard mouse button activities are clicking, pressing, and dragging.
Press and release the designated mouse button quickly. To "double-click," press and release the designated mouse button twice quickly.
Press and hold down the designated mouse button.
Press the designated mouse button, hold it down while moving the mouse, then release the button.
The names of the buttons (SELECT, ADJUST, and MENU) and the kinds of mouse activities (click, press, and drag) will be used throughout other parts of the help system.