GNIRS: Gemini Near Infrared Spectrograph


Configuration Images

Click on any picture for a larger view. All renderings by Gary Muller.

FinalAssy7-02.jpg (67049 bytes) The Final Assembly, as of 7/02. 

AcqMirror-MFR.jpg (43513 bytes) The Acquisition Mirror, shown in both the acquisition position and the stow position. 

CamTurAssy-MFR.jpg (45629 bytes) The Camera Turret Assembly, shown assembled and with two different cutaway views.

DetAssy-MFR.jpg (42169 bytes) The Detector Focus Assembly, shown in both assembled and exploded views.

EnvCovrAssy-MFR.jpg (48729 bytes) The Environmental Cover/Entrance Window, shown fully assembled and mounted.

FiltrWhl-MFR.jpg (48316 bytes) The Filter Wheel Assembly, shown in its housing.

GratngTurrt-MFR.jpg (42298 bytes) The Grating Turret Assembly, shown in both assembled and exploded views.

OIWFS-MFR.jpg (48968 bytes) The On-Instrument Wave Front Sensor Bench, shown both assembled and in exploded view.

OpticalBench7-02.jpg (73999 bytes) The Optical Bench, updated 7/02.

Pre-SlitBnch-MFR.jpg (56957 bytes) The Pre-Slit Bench Assembly, showing the forward optics module, the Offner relay, the pick-off mirror, the filter wheel, the decker slide, and the slit-slide modules in both assembled and exploded views.

PrismTurrt-MFR.jpg (49194 bytes) The Prism Turret Assembly, shown in several assembled and exploded views.

mockup.jpg (49012 bytes) The picture at left is a mockup created at the request of electronic engineer Jerry Penegor in September 2000. 

PRE-SLIT BENCH 01.jpg (69768 bytes) The Pre-Slit Bench, as rendered in the software (left) and as fabricated (right). 8/01


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