GNIRS: Gemini Near Infrared Spectrograph


Flexure Rig Testing

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12-6-02upend.jpg (67283 bytes) Shimmy, shimmy, koko pop! This instrument can really move. The flex rig demonstrates the many ways it can twist and turn GNIRS. 12-6-02

12-6-02turning.jpg (55778 bytes) Let the dance begin! GNIRS twists axially on the flex rig. Chubby Checker had nothing on us. 12-6-02

12-6-02hanging.jpg (57519 bytes) After a 45 degree change in position, GNIRS hangs suspended from the flex rig. 12-6-02

12-6-02comingdown.jpg (58704 bytes) Back in the horizontal position, GNIRS is tipped sideways on the flex rig. 12-6-02

12-6-02jayvertical.jpg (67055 bytes) GNIRS attains the vertical position. 12-6-02 

12-6-02diagnal.jpg (70436 bytes) First on the agenda: turning from horizontal to vertical. 12-6-02.

12-6-02jay.jpg (54926 bytes) Project Scientist Jay Elias stands with GNIRS before the flexure testing begins. 12-6-02

12-6-02mountonflex.jpg (73770 bytes) And GNIRS mounted on the Flex Rig, ready for testing. AM 12/6/02

12-6-02inflexrig.jpg (54726 bytes) GNIRS inside the Flex Rig facility. AM on 12/6/02

12-6-02headforflex.jpg (65406 bytes) GNIRS has wings! The completed instrument glides over to the Flex Rig facility. AM on 12/6/02

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