System Design Notes


Number Title Last Update
SDN021.09 Flex Rig  
SDN0001    Instructions for SDNS


General Mechanism Requirements   


SDN0002.01 Mechanism Specifications    4/1/99
SDN0002.02    Environmental Cover    4/1/99
SDN0002.03 Filter Wheels    4/7/99
SDN0002.04     Slit & Decker Mechanisms 
SDN0002.05     Bypass (Flip-In) Mirror 
SDN0002.06     Prism Turret 
SDN0002.07     Grating Turret 
SDN0002.08     Camera Turret 
SDN0002.09     Science Focus Mechanism 
SDN0002.10 Mechanism Positioning    4/1/99
SDN0002.11     Cold Motor Selection 
SDN0002.12 Prototype Mechanism Design and Test Requirements    6/4/99
SDN0002.13 GNIRS Motor and Mechanism Data    6/4/99
SDN0002.14 Mechanism Positioning and Control    6/4/99
SDN0002.15 Bearing Clearances    2/21/00
SDN0002.16 Mechanism Position Calibration and Re-Calibration    3/15/00


Optical Design & Alignment   


SDN0003.01       Design and Performance of Fore-Optics 
SDN0003.02     Design and Performance of Collimator 
SDN0003.03     Design and Performance of Blue Long Camera 
SDN0003.04     Design and Performance of Red Long Camera 
SDN0003.05     Design and Performance of Blue Short Camera 
SDN0003.06     Design and Performance of Red Short Camera 
SDN0003.07     Design and Performance of Cross-Dispersion Prism for Blue Long Camera 
SDN0003.08     Design and Performance of Cross-Dispersion Prism for Blue Short Camera 
SDN0003.09     Design and Performance of Wollaston Prism 
SDN0003.10     Grating Performance 
SDN0003.11     Instrument Throughput 
SDN0003.12     Tolerance Analysis of GNIRS Optics 
SDN0003.13     Image Quality of GNIRS & Gemini Combination 
SDN0003.14     Stray Light Analysis 
SDN0003.15     Temperature Sensitivity of GNIRS Cameras 
SDN0003.16     Slit Diffraction Effects on Collimator 
SDN0003.17 Slit Losses      11/7/00
SDN0003.18     Short-Term STability Analysis (Flexture) 
SDN0003.19     GNIRS Optics Footprints 
SDN0003.20 Adjustment Strategy    6/8/99
SDN0003.21     Alignment Plan 
SDN0003.22 Grating Footprints    2/14/00
SDN0003.23 Filter Properties    7/13/00
SDN0003.24 Surface Treatments    8/17/00
SDN0003.26    Report on IR Reflectance of Anodized Samples    10/13/00
SDN0003.27    Grating Efficiencies    11/8/00
SDN0003.28 GNIRS Ghosts 10/31/03


Review of OIWFS Optics in GNIRS   



Baseline Observing Scenario   



Structural Design    


SDN0006.02    Summary of Preliminary Flexure Analysis    11/7/00
SDN0006.03    Use of Castings in GNIRS Structure    11/2/99


Thermal DesignRequirements   


SDN0007.01 Thermal Stability Control of GNIRS    5/12/00
SDN0007.02    Instrument Cool Down    5/12/00
SDN0007.03 Radiation Shield Design    5/12/00
SDN0007.04    Baseline Thermal Design    5/12/00
SDN0007.06 Cryocooler Selection    7/20/00
SDN0007.08 Pre-Cool System Experiments and Design    1/12/01


 Test of GNIRS Thermal Control Concept   


SDN0007.10 Thermal Distribution System Parameters    10/8/01
SDN0007.11 Tangent Bar Thermal Issues    10/8/01


Test Dewar Commissioning Tests   



Software Requirements Overview   


SDN0009.01 Engineering Test Software Functional Requirements    7/21/99


Pump Down, Cool Down and Warm Up


Instrument Configuration Summary   



Electronics Requirements   



Dewar Wiring Parameters   



Physical Properties of GNIRS Materials   


SDN0013.01 Density of GNIRS Materials    10/6/99
SDN0013.02 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion    12/28/99
SDN0013.05 Properties of Liquid Nitrogen    10/7/99
SDN0013.06 Temperature Calibration 2/1/00

Heat Treatment of 6061 Aluminum

SDN0013.08 Validation of GNIRS Heat Treatment Procedures 4/30/01
SDN0014 Handling and Instrument Service 6/4/99
SDN0014.01 Instrument Handling 6/8/99
SDN0014.02 Instrument Access and Service 6/8/99
SDN0015 Cold Motor Testing 11/14/00
SDN0015.01 Phytron Motor Qualification 7/22/02
SDN0016 Bulkhead Interface Summary 4/25/01
SDN0017 Collimator Mirror Passive Compensation Mechanism 6/5/01
SDN0018 Envelope Waiver Request 6/5/01
SDN0018.1 Supplemental Envelope Waiver Request 10/26/01
SDN0019 Differential Refraction 4/9/99
SDN0020 Light Leaks and Scattering 4/1/99
SDN0021 Draft Integration, Alignment and Test Plan 6/30/99
SDN0021.01  Prototype Mechanism Testing 6/30/99
SDN0021.02  Mechanism Test Set Design 11/2/99
SDN0021.03  Prototype Lens Mount Test Plan 2/21/00
SDN0021.04  Linear/Rotary Test Plan 4/6/00
SDN0021.05  Lens Test Report  9/9/03
SDN0021.06 Rotary Linear Prototype Report
SDN0021.07 Linear Prototype Report
SDN0021.08 Bearing Prototypes 5/19/00
SDN0022 Investigation of GNIRS Slit/IFU Slide Operation 8/28/02
SDN0023-01 GNIRS First Cooldown - Thermal Performance 10/15/02
SDN0023-02 1st Test of GNIRS Bench Thermal Control 10/14/02
SDN0023-03   Thermal Imaging of GNIRS  10/15/02

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