NOAO North Engineering and Technical Services


NOAO North Engineering and Technical Services (NN ETS) is committed to provide the highest-quality technical services required to maintain state-of-the-art scientific capabilities on NOAO telescopes. Our pledge is to ensure competitive and productive observing experiences for NOAO users by enhancing capabilities, improving observing efficiency, and maintaining equipment at peak performance levels.

NN ETS provides technical support for maintaining and improving KPNO (Kitt Peak National Observatory) and WIYN (Wisconsin, Indiana, Yale, NOAO) telescopes and instruments. In addition, NN ETS provides support to the NOAO System Technology Center's (NSTC) System Instrumentation group for new instrument development and construction. NN ETS provides a pool of technical resources with expertise in software and control systems, detector systems, mechanical systems, electronics, and optics. NN ETS maintains a machine shop, an optics fabrication and testing shop, a coatings lab for small optical components and coating chambers on Kitt Peak for large optics, an electronics stock room, and various clean rooms and labs for electronic, detector, and cryogenic system assembly and test.