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Using the fascination of astronomy as a hook, a series of eight education modules have been developed at NOAO for teachers (and students) as an on-line course, funded by Science Foundation Arizona.


NOAO sponsored the Research-Based Science Education (RBSE) project for a number of years, including an annual teacher’s workshop as well as follow-up opportunities for teachers. Changes in our funding structure requires that we put this program on hold, but we will continue to support past participants in the RBSE program.

Sun (from the National Solar Observatory)

Moon (From Project ASTRO Tucson)



  • Bring a comet into your classroom with this eight page brochure (a PDF file).
  • Dennis Schatz shares his famous Comet Recipe for making a comet in the classroom.
  • Make Your Own Comet describes our experiences using the above recipe and includes science facts about comets from NOAO researchers.
  • This classroom activity uses NIH Image and data from Kitt Peak to measure the Motion of Comet Hyakutake.


  • Construct a color-magnitude diagram of the Jewelbox Cluster with Jewels of the Night, a hands-on activity for middle school and older students.

Teaching Guides

The “Sharing Science with Children Guides” developed at the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science. You may choose from:

Astronomy FAQs and Facts