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Archived Projects


Using the fascination of astronomy as a hook, a series of eight education modules have been developed at NOAO for teachers (and students) as an on-line course, funded by Science Foundation Arizona.


NOAO sponsored the Research-Based Science Education (RBSE) project for a number of years, including an annual teacher’s workshop as well as follow-up opportunities for teachers. Changes in our funding structure requires that we put this program on hold, but we will continue to support past participants in the RBSE program.

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Archived Activities

Sun (from the National Solar Observatory)

Moon (From Project ASTRO Tucson)



  • Bring a comet into your classroom with this eight page brochure (a PDF file).
  • Dennis Schatz shares his famous Comet Recipe for making a comet in the classroom.
  • Make Your Own Comet describes our experiences using the above recipe and includes science facts about comets from NOAO researchers.
  • This classroom activity uses NIH Image and data from Kitt Peak to measure the Motion of Comet Hyakutake.


  • Construct a color-magnitude diagram of the Jewelbox Cluster with Jewels of the Night, a hands-on activity for middle school and older students.

Teaching Guides

The “Sharing Science with Children Guides” developed at the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science. You may choose from:

Astronomy FAQs and Facts