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Sharing Science with Children series!

The North Carolina Museum of Life and Science has developed three guides designed to promote involvement in science education. The Guides are described below, with information about various ordering options. To order the Guides, download and print out the on-line order form. Return the completed order form by mail to the the address given on the order form.

Sharing Science with Children: A Survival Guide for Scientists and Engineers
A concise, how-to-manual for scientists and engineers interested in sharing their expertise in science with schools. This guide describes learning characteristics of young people, offers presentation tips, and lists typical elementary science topics by grade level.

Sharing Science: Linking Students with Scientists and Engineers, A Survival Guide for Teachers
Designed to help teachers tap scientsts as resources, this guide links typical elementary science topics with the work of a wide variety of scientists. It also outlines steps to make ths most out of a scientist's visit.

Sharing Science with Children: A Guide for Parents
Emphasizing everyday discoveries, this practical guide helps parents do science with their children. It identifies science experiences, skills and concepts families can explore in their home and community.

Choose between three ordering options:

  1. Obtain Guides from the Museum:
    Up to five copies of each guide are free upon request. Copies may be purchased in multiples of 25 only. The cost is $25 for each multiple of 25 up to 200 copies. Orders greater than 200 will receive a 20% discount.

  2. Purchase Black and White Masters:
    You can order a set of durable Black and White Masters of each guide, from which an unlimited number of photocopies can be made. The cost for each set of Black and White Masters is $100.00.

  3. Purchase Mechanicals:
    The Museum can provide mechanicals of the guides, from which an unlimited number of copies can be printed. The fee for one set of mechanicals is $500.00 and $25.00/hour for customizing, if desired. Allow approximately four to six weeks for production. Once mechanicals are purchased, a local printer will be able to produce copies for you. Printing costs vary, so we recommend getting several estimates.

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