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Here is an selection of Guy Ottewell's publications of astronomical interest. A full catalog of his publications is available from:

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The Thousand-Yard Model; or,
The Earth as a Peppercorn

Instructions for using common objects such as nuts to make a solar-system model, over a distance of 1000 yards. Since it leads to a vivid grasp of light-years, star sizes, etc., it is an ideal opener to any astronomy course.

Astronomical Calendar

This famous atlas-sized annual book is the most widely used and most attractive guide to what will happen in the sky throughout the year.

An introducation explains how to use the various components and, if you are a beginner, what to select at first (since there are so many levels of information). For each month there is a large map of the evening sky; facing it, a diary of 40 or so events, many with paragraph-long descriptions.

The Astronomical Companion

A general guide to astronomy; some say it should be called the Astronomical Treasury. Begins with an "Overview of Astonomy" and pictures that almost force you to understand coordinate systems and orientation in space.

Among many other features: a map and catalogue of star names with their derivations; the seasons (including their linking with traditional dates such as Beltane, Hallowe'en, St. Lucy's Day); the world's calendars; precession and its many consequences...

To Know the Stars

An introduction to the night sky, for children and other beginners; written in very simple language, and tested on delighted children down to the age of eight.

The Under-Standing of Eclipses

In 1995 a great eclipse goes over India. This book begins by explaining the ground-work of eclipses, in order to lead up to the sublimity of the experience. There is a double-page spread for each of these representative eclipses, with large dynamic drawings of the turning globe and the shadow sweeping across:

A lunar eclipse: August 16/17, 1989 over North America
A partial solar eclipse: March 7, 1989, over Alaska
A Globe-skimming eclipse: October 3, 1986, over Iceland...

Mankind's Comet

Probably the most comprehensive work ever published on Halley's Comet. Includes a long sequence ("Strobe Light") of full descriptions of the comet's 48 visits from 1404 B.C. onward, with their sharply distinct characters and their reflection in legend, art and science, up through the 1985-86 visit...

Also "The Unfolding," a history of mankind's awareness of the sky and of comets, leading up to the life of Halley himself and his interaction with Newton, the boom caused by the first known returning comet, and the searching ever deeper into the past for its ancient visits...

Portrait of a Million

Poster showing a million dots (they are just visible, and occupy an area 13 by 18 inches). This is about the only way you can see this crushingly large number. On the facing panel, a listing of facts in millions: bacteria, population, millionaires, military expenditure, astronomical distances...

The Arithmetic of Voting

The trouble with the "one person one vote" rule is that two candidates on one "side" divide it; some voters must agonize whether to vote for the one they really prefer or the one who has more chance--and both have less chance. After analyzing three "solutions that don't work," we discover one that does: casting any number of single votes for different candidates.

This surprisingly simple "costless reform" turns out to have no real flaw and several other great advantages. It is applicable to all kinds of elections, and might hold out hope for resolving the mess of some American electoral systems.

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