This website has been designed for individuals who are beginning outreach programs in astronomy to Native American children. Since these outreach providers may have little background in teaching in general, and because there are many misconceptions about Native Americans, this site offers links to organizations and information that may help the outreach provider get started.

The beginning outreach provider should first be aware that there are over 500 federally recognized Native American tribes in the United States, each with their own unique culture and history. When asked, many Native Americans will request that they be referred to by their tribal affiliation. With this in mind, a web site discussing each of them is impractical. (Over 50 tribes have web sites). This site offers some general links and resources for those wishing to offer science and astronomy outreach programs to Native American groups. It includes a specific focus on the Tohono O'odham nation, located in SW Arizona.

O'odham students using solar telescopes