Other Links - How Old Are the Jewels?

For more information on stars and stellar evolution, the determination of stellar temperatures, and the Hertzsprung Russell diagram, check the following links. These sites provide materials and activities which can enhance understanding of the determination of stellar ages from star clusters.

Space Telescope Science Institute's (STScI) Amazing Space unit "Star Light Star Bright" provides background information on the light from stars and how astronomers use it to learn about stars.

StarChild, a product of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, provides good background information on stars and stellar evolution at a middle school level.

Imagine the Universe, also from NASA Goddard, offers a more advanced discussion of stellar evolution.

The Science Museum of Virgnia offers a site on stellar temperatures and how to measure them aimed at grades 7-12. See especially their discussion of Hertzsprung Russell diagrams.

An on-line lecture at the University of Oregon's Physics Department describes the brightness-color diagrams of star clusters at different ages.

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