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Project ASTRO Tucson, April 2013 Spring Festival Pictures

The Brain Trust

The real strength of the Project ASTRO program comes from the volunteer astronomers that give their time and share their passion for astronomy. David, Larry and Richard are contemplating deeply!

The Past & the Future

Our student interns are a huge part of what we are able to accomplish at the National Observatory! Many just can’t get enough and keep coming back for more. Patrick, Emily and Monica are alums, while Will is on our current intern staff.

And the Winner of This Year’s Award is…

Well, actually there were TWO telescope awards made this year! The EPO department of NOAO donated GoTo Telescopes to the “Partnership of the Year” winners at Mesquite Elementary – Cathy and Paul Anderson, and their teacher partner Paula Maxwell. The “Hugo Ochoa Memorial Telescope”, honoring the outreach accomplishments of the man who did so much at NOAO-Chile, went to Liberty Elementary and the teacher/astronomer partnership of Rosa Watson and NOAO volunteer Kathie Zelaya. Congratulations to all.

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