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Project ASTRO

Developed by the Astronomical Society of The Pacific and coordinated in Tucson by NSF’s NOIRLab, this unique educational program offers teachers instruction in conducting hands-on inquiry-based science activities in their classrooms plus an astronomer partner with whom to present the activities. During the ASTRO workshop, a partnership is forged that blends the teacher’s knowledge of methods and classroom discipline with the astronomer’s knowledge of and passion for astronomy. All workshops are free to teachers and astronomers, and all participants receive the new “Universe At Your Fingertips” DVD packed with hundreds of astronomy resources, lessons, and activities. The Tucson workshop also includes a night-time trip to the Kitt Peak National Observatory.

Watch for the Fall workshop coming in October 2020

Applications to join the Project ASTRO program are available for teachers, and for astronomers.

Feel free to contact Rob Sparks with any questions at or 520-318-8313.

Project ASTRO

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Contact ASTRO-Tucson:

Rob Sparks, Program Coordinator