TOP Application for 0.9-meter Telescope (imaging), 2009-2010

The WIYN 0.9-m telescope

There are two observing runs, one in November, 2009, and the other in January 2010. You must apply separately for each run.

The 0.9-Meter WIYN Telescope is equipped with a CCD camera, UBVRI and H-alpha filters. See the 0.9-meter website for information on this telescope. This opportunity applies to imaging only, using the ccd chip S2KB. Note: The 0.9 m can only observe objects north of declination -20 degrees, and objects must be within 4 hours of the meridian.

Below are some possible projects you may want to consider. You may also propose your own, but be sure to give sufficient detail about what you hope to study, and how you will carry out the project.

Teacher Team Member

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Student Team Members

(maximum two students plus teacher. Students must be at least Juniors by fall 2009)

Student 1

Student 2


Please answer the following specific questions about your project.

  1. The filters available on the 0.9 m include U,B,V,R,I and H alpha. Which of these filters do you want to use for your project and why?

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