Teacher Observing Program, 2009- 2010

On-site Observing at Kitt Peak

Aerial view of the 0.9-m, 2.1-m, Coudé Feed, and McMath Pierce Telescopes on Kitt Peak

We are offering opportunities for you and your advanced students to observe at Kitt Peak on the 0.9-M WIYN telescope for imaging. With proper preparation on the part of your students, this program will provide a high quality learning, research, and observing experience for all involved. Supporting online material are provided with the separate telescope applications.

Team description

Teams should consist of one teacher and one or two students who are juniors or seniors. Projects should be of science fair quality (district or state level). Completion, or concurrent enrollment in a physics, astronomy, or chemistry class, is required for the student team members.

Observing opportunities and dates during fall 2009

(0.9m telescope, imaging only): two opportunities:

Application Schedule


Nov 4-5, (application due Oct 1, 2009)
Jan 30-31 (application due Dec 1, 2009)

Application Procedure

The application process involves two steps.

The application process involves two steps. First, the student team, working under the teacher’s direction, must submit an on-line application. Please direct questions to Katy Garmany, kgarmany@noao.edu.

Teams selected will go on to the second step, a telephone interview with the astronomer in charge of the telescope and another member of the staff. Each student team will be quizzed concerning their project and related astronomical and technical knowledge (e.g., of instrument you propose to use). The teacher may be present at the interview. From the interviews, one team will be selected for each observing run based on the quality of the project, preparedness of team, the probability of success, and the commitment of the team to present their results in an appropriate forum.

Your Visit to Tucson/Kitt Peak

You will spend 2 full nights at your telescope on Kitt Peak to gather your data. You are responsible for travel expenses, including possible hotel in Tucson on the night proceeding your observing: the TOP program will cover your charges (room and board) while you are on Kitt Peak.


You will be expected to submit a paper to the RBSE Journal and notify us of science fair submissions

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The Astronomy RBSE program is administered by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory with funds from the National Science Foundation.